Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: Best Summer Bags For The BeachCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: Best Summer Bags For The Beach

By Carly Horowitz

The time is approaching where you’ll be able to feel warm grains of sand between your toes and relish in the sound of waves crashing down on the shore in a forceful yet relaxing manner. To get the most enjoyable experience, you need to remember to bring the essentials like sunscreen, water, snacks, sunglasses, and a beach towel. But, how are you going to transport all of these items onto the sandy shore? You need a beach bag that is large enough to store your items and that also won’t get ruined in the setting at hand. It is a struggle to find a bag that is suitable for the beach yet stylish at the same time. Cupid is here to help you with the process and give you ideas on what type of beach bags to look for this summer!

Take into consideration these fashion tips on which beach bags are best for summer 2018.

1. Sand-proof bag: Did you know there are specially designed bags that resist the stick of sand? That is just perfect for the beach! No one likes to come back from the beach with sand dripping off of them and their bag. This bag helps to minimize the mess. Search on for a sand-proof bag made out of silicone to sport to your favorite beach this summer.

2. Straw bag: This type of bag is probably the most stylish to don. There are an array of different straw bags on the market with fun patterns. Straw bags give off a traditional beachy look while still serving to contain all your items succinctly. The only problem with straw bags is that they usually don’t provide different compartments for you to store your stuff. But it’s up to you if you want to choose fashion over practicality!

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3. See-through mesh bag: Your most affordable beach bag option is definitely a see-through mesh bag. You can usually get these in a pretty large size as well. They are durable and made out of nylon so they are easy to pack away when you are not using it in the other months! Mesh bags are a great portable option for when you are embarking on some exciting travel destinations.

4. Canvas bag: Canvas bags are also a pretty stylish choice for the beach. Find one that has rope handles so that it provides a more nautical feel. Search for specific canvas beach bags with cool patterns and you most definitely won’t be let down.

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5. Bag with cooler: Instead of bringing both a large bag and a cooler to the beach, invest in a product that has both! There are many beach bags that serve as both a bag and a cooler at the bottom. Now, your water bottles will stay nice and cold for you on hot summer beach days.

Do you know of any other great beach bags that we need to get for the summer? Comment below!