Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trends: 5 Best Ways to Wear Your Favorite Spring-Time DressCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trends: 5 Best Ways to Wear Your Favorite Spring-Time Dress

By Carly Horowitz

Finally you get to take out your spring-time clothes from the bins they have been sitting in all winter. You almost forgot about your absolute favorite spring dress! There it is, lying there in the most beautifully slightly-wrinkled fashion. How can you possibly choose only a select few days to sport this wonderful piece of clothing this season? Fortunately, there are so many different ways you can wear your favorite spring-time dress.

Check out these cool fashion trends that will help spruce up the spring dress that you want to wear everyday!

1. Accessorize: Go out of the box a little bit and throw on an accessory that you don’t usually wear. You can’t go wrong pairing a floppy sun hat with your dress! Maybe even throw on a sheer scarf with it. Wearing a belt on the smallest part of your waist can help to both accentuate your figure and give your dress an alternative style. You can mix and match with accessories to give your dress a completely different look every time you wear it!

2. Layer: Don your go-to denim jacket with your favorite spring-time dress. Look through your light-weight cardigans and pair one of those with your dress as well. You could even put on some fish-net stockings to complete the look if it works well together. Try leggings underneath if it is a chilly spring day! For another interesting look, pair a collared shirt underneath your dress for a cool vintage-style look.

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3. Switch up the shoe-wear: The type of shoes you choose to wear can really help dictate the style you are trying to portray. In order to achieve different looks with the same dress, pick some fresh footwear! Rock your favorite wedges with your spring-time dress to make it fancy for your date night. If you are going for a more casual look, wear some high-top converse. Flat sandals are always a great choice to pair with your favorite spring dress as well.

4. Hair style: You don’t always have to put on an array of different pieces of clothing and accessories in order to wear your dress in alternate fashions. The way you style yourself can help transform your look as well. Maybe style your hair with tight curls. Or, go for the traditional double braid look! You can also have fun tweaking your makeup style in order to help get a different look with the dress as well. Check out our beauty tips for some awesome ideas!

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5. Wear as separates: Pick out a compatible flowy shirt to put on over your dress so that it looks as if you are wearing a shirt and a skirt. If your dress has more details on the top part, choose a skirt that goes well with it and see if you could rock it! There are so many different options.

Do you have more ideas on how you can wear your same favorite dress in different ways? Comment below!