Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion: Celebrity Style Shoes for Affordable PricesCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion: Celebrity Style Shoes for Affordable Prices

By Melissa Lee

It seems like celebrities always look amazing head-to-toe, even on the days where they’re just running errands and grabbing coffee. If we’re being realistic, this is most likely due to the fact that they’re rich and able to afford all the best designer pieces — especially shoes! If you’re in the market for some celebrity style shoes but aren’t ready to drop major cash, Cupid may be able to help you out.

Not only are these celebrity style pieces completely adorable, but they’re also affordable! Check it out!

1. Pumas: Tennis shoes seem to always be in style, and Puma’s line of Match Low sneakers are a celeb favorite. These shoes have been seen on stars like Reese Witherspoon, who was spotted rocking these with a striped tee-shirt dress. The best part? These shoes are only $65 — a steal for a pair of celeb-approved shoes!

2. Vans: Lately, these skater-style sneaks have been all the rage. Vans’ notorious Canvas Old Skool shoes are super in style this season, and have been seen on a ton of celebrities including Kim Kardashian. These trendy shoes are super cheap, coming out to only $60.

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3. Hunter rain boots: This line rain boots are not only super cute, but practical as well! Celebs like Cara Delevigne and Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen rocking these at music festivals. Check out these rain boots and how stars have been styling the stylish shoes.

4. Adidas: Adidas is another line of sneakers that have been super popular throughout the past few years. Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift are only a fraction of the stars that have shown their appreciation toward the company. With a range of different styles and colors, Adidas sneakers never get old — plus, they’re easy to dress up or wear casually!

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5. Nike: Nikes are completely timeless and will always be in fashion. Model Bella Hadid proved this when she rocked an adorable pair of Nike Classic Cortez sneakers, a pair of throwback shoes that look cute with every outfit. These celeb-approved sneakers ring up at $70.

What are your favorite celebrity style shoes? Share your thoughts below.