Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Advice: 3 Secrets to Finding the Perfect Dress for a Formal EventCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Advice: 3 Secrets to Finding the Perfect Dress for a Formal Event

By Rayne Parvis

Do you have a wedding out of state, red carpet event, gala or other formal occasion that you want to look top notch for? If you hate shopping, you may be overcome with fear and anxiety. Don’t panic!

Follow my three secrets to finding the perfect dress while having a pleasant shopping experience.

1. Do your research:

What will the weather be like? Is it a day or night event? If it’s a day event, start with lighter colors. If it’s a night party, shop for the darker colors. I always find it strange when it’s a hot summer day and you see ladies sporting a long sleeve black dress. In my opinion, it’s just too heavy of a color. In contrast, you’ll see pastels being worn on the red carpet at night and they don’t seem to pop as well as bright jewel tone colors. In addition, you want to enjoy your evening and not worry about being too hot, cold or uncomfortable.

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2. Wear the Perfect Shapewear and Undergarments:

Whether you are smoothing your post baby bod, camouflaging those extra holiday pounds, are a size 2 with a few lumps here and there or want to look 5 -10 pounds slimmer there is a shapewear for everyone. Celebrities of all sizes like Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt, Oprah, Miley Cyrus, Katherine Heigl, Miranda Lambert, Brooke Shields, Tina Fey all swear by Spanx on the red carpet. When trying on dresses wear the undergarments you will be wearing with the dress. A bad panty or shapewear can make the dress not look as great. Therefore, taking longer to find a flattering fit.

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3. Take a Selfie:

Before you buy that gown, take a selfie from the side, front and back. It’s hard for us to see ourselves as the world sees us when we are looking in the mirror. When you take a photo and then look at it you are getting a subjective view. Most formal events have a ton of cameras! You want to make sure the dress is accentuating you and all your favorite parts from every angle.

For more tips on how to shop for your style personality, body-shape, lifestyle check out Ultimate Guide to Style:From Drab to Fab! on Amazon. We recommend Chapter 4: Discussing the Delicates to find your perfect panty, bra and shapewear. If you would like more fashion wisdom check out and follow her on Instagram @rayneparvis for inspiration to be bold & all kinds of beautiful.