Cupid's Pulse Article: Dress for Success in These Fashion Trends Fit for a Celebrity LifestyleCupid's Pulse Article: Dress for Success in These Fashion Trends Fit for a Celebrity Lifestyle

By Mallory McDonald

Celebrities have personal fashion experts helping them every day looking flawless and hip with the most recent fashion trends. This is why it can feel impossible to look and feel as good in your clothes as the stars do. Don’t feel discouraged every day looking at these celebrities social media pages or their red carpet looks anymore. This effortless look can be achieved especially in the work world and even in your personal life with a few simple tricks.

With these everyday overall pieces, you can dress for success and take on the world just like your favorite celebrity icons do with these fashion trends!

1. Silk patterned dress: Right now celebrities are rocking a lightweight silk dress with intricate patterns to really stand out from the crowd. Rocking this style is perfect for a night out on the town or a work day in the office.

2. Low cut blazers: If you are going to work, rocking a sleek low cut blazer with an undershirt will help you feel confident taking on the day. But also, if you are going out to drinks after a long day of work, ditch the undershirt and rock the blazer on its own!

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3. Laced up sweatshirt: On those days you just need to run some errands and don’t want to look completely out of the fashion realm, rock a hooded sweatshirt with lace-up ties in the front to be comfy and chic.

4. Across the shoulder: Right now across the shoulder shirts and dresses are taking over the fashion world by storm. Celebrity icons such as Jlo and Ciara are making a splash rocking this style.

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5. Band T-shirts: Rocking an older band t-shirt such as Aerosmith or The Grateful Deads with a classic pair of ripped jeans and possibly a leather jacket depending on weather will make you stand out in the crowd.

What are some of your celeb-like fashion trends? Share your comments below.