Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Essential Style Tips for Men to Boost AttractionCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Essential Style Tips for Men to Boost Attraction

By Alexandra Pommett

One of the easiest ways to instantly make your self more attractive is to dress well. It makes sense, since it doesn’t require the hard work like inner game of putting yourself out there like approaching. As someone who has very recently gone from having the same wardrobe for seven years, to now insistently buying new items of clothing each month, I strongly believe fashion is singularly one of the bigger factors to remember in all pick-up/seduction scenarios.

Subscribing to fashion trends is something that needs to become a part of your life, because it’s constantly changing, and before you blink, you could be considered “poorly dressed”, but just buying and wearing newer clothes makes you feel better.

What really helps:

1. Look at what the celebrities/friends/etc. you really think are cool and well dressed wear.
2. Don’t be ‘scared’ to try something different, a color you usually don’t wear, try on a blouse if you usually wear sweaters.
3. Ask the shopping employees for some help (ask the girls).
4. Try to put some effort in small extra accessories like bracelets, belts, shoelaces, etc.
5. Don’t wear too mainstream stuff.
6. Only buy stuff that you really like, if you’re doubting, don’t buy it unless it’s because you are afraid it’s “too different” from what you usually wear.

Basic Color Matching

The first principle that you should research is basic color matching…that is going to be essential to having a good style. If you really don’t have a clue about how to match colors and really have no interest in fashion whatsoever, then, yeah, I’d recommend taking a girl shopping to help you with this.

Two magazines I highly recommend you subscribe to are GQ ( and details ( Details is a safe bet every issue because they have a top 10 list of trends to look out for. Reading up on this stuff (as crazy as it may seem) is really key to staying in the loop because you will pick up what trends are really hot for the season and which are just having their moment.

As for buying stuff on a budget: Check out the ready-to-wear shops like GAP, J.Crew and H&M for stuff you see in a magazine, but at a much cheaper price. Obviously, everything isn’t going to be cheap. My opinion is if you really like something go ahead and spend the money on it because you’ll wear it forever.

Another tip I can give is to take risks sometimes. I used to buy stuff that I felt was “safe”. This usually meant sticking to “safe” colors like black, white, navy blue. Consequently, I ended up having a pretty plain wardrobe. Sometimes there’s going to be stuff you see on the rack or in a magazine that you could NEVER picture yourself wearing. It’s those pieces that you end up buying and getting complements on because they’re breaking the rules of fashion.

Quick Tip:

Basically find your own style but also experiment by having real people help you in real life. Also, go out to clubs/bars and see what the alpha guys are wearing. Usually it’s not the dressiest and most expensive, but they’re the guys with the most style. Accessorizing is also key. A nice watch, maybe an earing or two depending on how old u are and what look your going for. Also, invest in some expensive jeans.

Going to a bunch of websites for fashion and looking at pictures will help definitely, but the best way is to either go shopping with women (multiple is better). Go to a fashionable mall even by yourself or with a guy friend who has good style. You can even flirt with the women who work in the store and ask them their opinion. I’m constantly asking girls their opinions on this especially on dates and stuff.

Look at Hollywood

One thing I’ve started to do is looking at models and actors that have a similar complexion to me. For example, the new Bond (Daniel Craig) is blonde and “fair-skinned” like me. So I Google pictures of him and see what colors he’s wearing and how they look.

Oh and to throw in one other thing. You always hear that shopping with women is the best way to get fashion advice, but I heard that the best resource is a super-fashionable gay guy. He’ll make you look smokin’. If you think about it, it makes sense. He knows and buys men’s clothing (unlike women), but he’s also attracted to men so he’ll know if you look good or not.

Alexander Pommett is a dating and relationship expert who enjoys blogging. If you want to learn more about dating and attraction secrets then visit his site