Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: How Michelle Williams Found Love After Heath Ledger’s DeathCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: How Michelle Williams Found Love After Heath Ledger’s Death

By Rachel Sparks

Is it possible to find love after loss? The late heartthrob Heath Ledger’s wife, Michelle Williams, opened up to ENews on the ten-year anniversary of her late husband’s death. According to Williams, the celebrity news of her Ledger’s overdose became her hell. Williams’s relationship advice: keep moving forward. When she had given up on the fairytale of a happily ever after, dating celebrity ex Jason Segel, Williams finally found the one. In a very quiet relationship avoiding being part of celebrity gossip, Williams and Harvard graduate Andrew Youmans, a New York financial consultant enjoy vacations with Williams’s daughter Matilda.

In celebrity news, Michelle Williams finally found a fairytale love 11 years after Heath Ledger’s death. What are some ways to move on after a loved one?

Cupid’s Advice:

The celebrity news about Heath Ledger’s death had us all heartbroken, as if the teenage version of ourselves had been his wife. Dealing with our own losses are even more difficult, a battle that is both exhausting and daunting. When you’ve lost everything, how do you move forward? Cupid’s Pulse has taken some love advice from Michelle Williams:

1. Focus on what matters: Matilda, Williams and Ledger’s daughter, grounded the single mother in what mattered: Williams had to move forward in order to raise her. You and your lost loved one may not have had kids, but there was some sort of legacy left behind. Honoring someone’s memory through what mattered to the both of you can ground you in the present, help you accept the loss, and start healing. Whether it’s children, hiking in Peru, or building birdhouses, there is someway to stay busy and move forward while honoring your loved one.

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2. Let go of expectations: Like Williams, we all have expectations of love. When our partner dies, our perception of love and the world shifts drastically. Sometimes, we lose hope. Sometimes, we hold onto something false. Don’t expect to find anyone like the person you had; they were one of a kind, after all, but realize that there is still something and someone special out there for when you’re ready.

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3. Fight for your support network: No matter whether you’re ready for love or not, having a support network is critical. Williams kept Ledger’s family around for a long time. In more recent years, a decade after her husband’s death, she has friends her fight for her solitude and privacy amongst the glaringly nosey celebrity world. Find people who will fight for you when you don’t have the strength to do it for yourself.

What love advice do you have for coping with a death? Share below and offer someone else the strength they need.