Cupid's Pulse Article: Michelle Williams Upset Over ‘Nightline’ Interview Focus on Heath LedgerCupid's Pulse Article: Michelle Williams Upset Over ‘Nightline’ Interview Focus on Heath Ledger

While promoting her new movie, Blue Valentine, Michelle Williams had what she calls a “devastating” experience with Nightline.  E! Online reported last week that Williams didn’t like how Nightline producers edited the interview to focus almost entirely on Heath Ledger’s death.  “They used those few quotes, and the way they edited the piece to sell the interview, it appeared as if I were breaking some kind of silence and sitting down with the express purpose to discuss something that is very private to me,” says Williams, who still finds talking about her former partner’s death a “struggle.”

How can you avoid unnecessary questions about a lover who’s no longer in your life?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you lose a partner, whether it’s through a breakup or an unexpected tragedy, it’s hard to talk about at first.  Cupid has some ideas on how to avoid prying questions:

1. Say ‘no’: When someone brings up your ex, simply tell him you’re not ready to talk about it yet.  Most people will understand that you still need time to mourn.

2. Date someone new: Once you’ve taken time to grieve, go out with a new person.  People will stop asking questions about your old partner and start asking about your new one.

3. Don’t avoid it forever: While it may be difficult to answer questions about a painful subject, remember that most of the time, people ask because they’re worried about you.  Accept their help when you’re ready to move on.