Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Michelle Williams Is Engaged to Andrew YoumansCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Michelle Williams Is Engaged to Andrew Youmans

By Carly Horowitz

It’s official! Latest celebrity news reveals that even though Michelle Williams has made great efforts to keep her celebrity relationships and life in general on the down-low since the death of the father to her daughter, Heath Ledger, multiple sources have confirmed that Michelle Williams is engaged to Andrew Youmans. According to Williams has been sporting a heart-shaped diamond ring over the past two months, but has brushed off speculation. Now, this celebrity wedding has been confirmed. We have another celebrity wedding to look forward to!

Michelle Williams has kept her upcoming celebrity wedding news under wraps. What are some reasons to keep your relationship on the down-low?

Cupid’s Advice:

Relationships are usually between two individuals. It gets complicated sometimes when other people try to interfere. Sometimes it’s beneficial, but other times it’s better to just keep your business between you and your significant other. Cupid has some reasons why you could be keeping your relationship on the down-low:

1. Not everyone will be happy for you: The public may judge as people are getting into relationships very soon after the end of a previous relationship. As long as you are happy with your partner, that is all that matters and you don’t owe reasoning to anyone else.

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2. Less people will interfere: Sometimes you just need time for yourself. By keeping your relationship on the down-low, you can minimize unwanted opinions about how you are conducting your life. Guidance is great, but true personal growth comes from making your own mistakes from decisions within.

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3. The breakup is easier: When getting into a relationship after previous tragic events in life, it is sometimes harder to keep a steady relationship. Instead of having multiple people trying to keep up with your status, it is easier to just do your own thing and if relationships end, less gossip will arise because many people won’t know about it in the first place.

Have some more reasons to keep your relationship on the down-low? Comment below!