Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Gordon Ramsay Lost 50 Pounds to Save Marriage to Wife TanaCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Gordon Ramsay Lost 50 Pounds to Save Marriage to Wife Tana

By Karley Kemble

Anyone on a weight loss journey has an individual reason why they want to get fit. For some, it’s to build self-confidence, or to shred for a wedding. For celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, it’s to save his marriage. In the latest celebrity news, Ramsay was motivated to lose over 50 pounds after seeing a photo of himself with his wife Tana, reports Shocked by how overweight he was, Ramsey wondered how his wife stayed around, because she was “better-looking and more gorgeous” but “getting in bed with a fat f—k.” Balancing his busy schedule with his personal life was challenging, but once he started to put his goals at the forefront, he started to see success on the scale! We’re so glad that the celebrity couple is still going strong.

In this celebrity news, Gordon Ramsay wanted to get fit for his wife. What are some ways fitness can help your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

You may not think fitness has anything to do with your relationship, but Cupid has news for you! Check out Cupid’s Advice and see how being in shape impacts your relationship with your spouse:

1. Lowered stress levels: Any form of physical activity helps clear your head. Whether you participate in a spin class, go for walk, or do some yoga, all have the ability to significantly reduce your stress levels. The rush of endorphins cause you to feel happier, which transfers over into your relationship, too!

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2. More confidence: Sure, some days you would rather do anything else than work out, but have you ever regretted a good sweat afterwards? Our guess is probably no! In fact, your self-confidence will certainly be higher. When you feel good about yourself, you feel more worthy of attention and worthy of love.

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3. Higher energy: Building your stamina gives you more energy to do things you love! You’ll be more eager to agree to a romantic late-night stroll, or early morning sunrise hike! You will also have more stamina for cardio-related bedroom fun (wink, wink!)

How has fitness impacted your relationship? Leave us a comment below!