Cupid's Pulse Article: Famous NY Restaurant: Black Tap is the Latest Obsession in Burgers & Flashy MilkshakesCupid's Pulse Article: Famous NY Restaurant: Black Tap is the Latest Obsession in Burgers & Flashy Milkshakes

By Justin Thomas

Calling all dessert and subsequent milkshake lovers! There are only a few imaginable reasons that you haven’t heard of the long running fad and one of New York’s latest culinary breakout stars Black Tap. If you’re not an active participant on social media (particularly Instagram), live far outside of New York, or you’ve never seen their crazy long lines at one of their three Manhattan locations, you get a pass. But even then, Black Tap has created such a loud buzz, earning features on The Today Show, The Chew, and The Wendy Williams Show, so it’s hard to escape it. This famous NY restaurant just may be your next date night spot!

Black Tap has officially etched its name in NYC’s fabulously sugar-coated list of enjoyable restaurants and experiences!

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer has only been around since the spring of 2015 with the opening of one quaint SoHo restaurant. With the help of social media and satisfied customers, Black Tap has parlayed that into a total of three successful Manhattan restaurants and over 230,000 followers on Instagram. The hashtag #BlackTap or #BlackTapNYC will get you nearly 30,000 Instagram posts, most of them sporting the sugary masterpieces.

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It’s fair to say that these milkshakes are deserving of a warning label like, “Not for the Faint of Heart”. With just a photo, you might find yourself catching the drool escaping your lips in amazement. These milkshakes aren’t your run of the mill, drive thru milkshakes. These are a cross between the Betty Crocker and Picasso of desserts. They also offer some alcohol infusions for their 21 plus patrons. The restaurant’s creativity has even spilled over to fashion, as they offer some trendy Black Tap apparel on sale at their locations.

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Something of note is that the milkshake menu varies depending on the season. Depending on when you make the trip they might not have the cool foot-tall shake with the giant s’more or top, but you’re guaranteed to find something equally delicious and aesthetically pleasing.

Although the restaurant is fairly young, the ambiance inside gives a very modernized version of a classic NYC burger spot. Where Black Tap is not a designated celebrity hotspot, many celebrities like Zendaya and Chef Gordon Ramsay have caught on to the trend. If you plan to visit anytime soon, definitely plan to wait in line.

All in all, Black Tap is a great spot to grab lunch, eat dinner with friends, or host a date night. This restaurant offers a fun and friendly environment for all ages.

Have you tried Black Tap or anything like it? Share your thoughts below!