Cupid's Pulse Article: Have a Sweetened Date Night with Your Sweetheart at Sugar FactoryCupid's Pulse Article: Have a Sweetened Date Night with Your Sweetheart at Sugar Factory

By Josh Ringler

New York City is truly full of unique restaurants and different ways to enjoy a meal. Some add a cultural experience, and others add an unusual twist. That is what perhaps makes Sugar Factory such a special and delicious place to eat. Whether you are in the City with your loved one for a date night, or are looking for a different place to go for your next birthday celebration, Sugar Factory has everything you’ll need to have a sweet time!

Sugar Factory, one of New York City’s popular restaurants, is a great place for a date night that will force you to not skip dessert!

Sugar Factory could also be called Celebrity Factory for all the celebrity sightings that have happened at this popular restaurant! From Drake to Kylie Jenner, who knows who you might dine next to? While celebrity sightings may not be the only reason to dine at this restaurant, the menu adds another reason to get there as soon as you can!

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Before we talk about the signature goblets, the menu has plenty to offer! From breakfast options like crepes and french toast to burgers and pasta, Sugar Factory covers it all. If you want the date night to be extra sweet, go for a breakfast option! If you want a sugary drink, but a traditional meal, Sugar Factory has that, too! Perhaps one of the best parts of this unique restaurant is that while it may have its funky flavors, it also has those traditional options for those who don’t want to be adventurous!

But, here’s our dating advice: be adventurous and try something new! That’s where Sugar Factory’s huge drink menu comes in! The goblet drinks are huge sugary treats, served freezing cold, yet amazing. From “Lollipop Passion” to “Ocean Blue,” each of these specially designed treats will hit your sweet tooth and make you feel like a kid in a candy store again! There are also martinis and cocktails, and the best part about all of these drinks are that they can be made non-alcoholic so you can enjoy them at any age!

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One of Sugar Factory’s locations is in the Meatpacking District, and that area is full of fun date ideas, like the Highline and other romantic places. It is definitely worth checking out, especially for the price! You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll have a great night at one of New York’s most popular restaurants. It will be a sugar rush for sure!

Have you visited the Sugar Factory? Let us know what drink you had in the comments below!