Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Surprising Foods Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs Love to HateCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Surprising Foods Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs Love to Hate

By Noelle Downey

When it comes to our favorite foodies, celebrity chefs may just take the cake. Whether you’re curling up on the sofa to watch your favorite cooking show with your sweetheart on a date night or visiting famous cook’s restaurants on a romantic getaway, we all love to experience the wonderful world of fine-dining and elevated cuisine. But even the chefs behind some of the most famous restaurants out there have foods that will make them turn up their nose in disgust. Whether it’s something many of us might cringe to nibble on or a dish some might view as a culinary treat, these chefs take picky eating to another level with their hatred of these five key foods.

From the understandable to the weird and wacky, here are the top five foods your favorite celebrity chefs just can’t stand.

1. Raw Red Onion: Anyway who’s a regular viewer of the Food Network sensation Chopped will be familiar with the debonair judge, Scott Conant. Whether he’s critiquing chef’s dishes after frantic timed rounds, managing one of his award-winning restaurants, or writing his next bestselling cookbook, Conant keeps busy making use of his incredible palate. But if you’re serving a meal to this celebrity chef, make sure that you leave one key ingredient off the plate: raw red onions. Conant famously hates the taste of this raw vegetable, so much so that contestants on Chopped have gone out of their way to avoid serving it to the otherwise open-minded chef.

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2. Airplane Food: While all of us may occasionally turn up our noses at the fare served on some low-budget airlines, one famously high-tempered celebrity chef absolutely refuses to let a bite of even a first-class offering pass his lips. Gordon Ramsay, famed chef on such food-centric reality TV shows as Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, has thoroughly damned airplane food, speaking more harshly of it than even perhaps some of the lesser dishes served up to him on his uniquely intense and competitive television programs. If you’re looking to please this spiky-haired chef, try not to be the flight attendant bringing him his dinner!

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3. Goat Cheese: While it’s a staple of some delicious salads, sandwiches, and more, goat cheese isn’t the favorite food of every celebrity chef. In particular, Melissa d’Arabian, celebrity mom, television host, and cookbook author, who claims that goat cheese, “tastes like the smell of a manger!” If you’re looking to keep on the good side of this Super Momma and her captivating culinary creations, make sure if you ever get the chance to give her a sample of your finest dining treats, no one of them incorporate the offending cheese she hates so much.

4. Cream Cheese: When it comes to another kind of offending dairy, cream cheese is next up on the list. Cooking Channel’s very own Kelsey Nixon of Kelsey’s Essentials fame has repeatedly shared her dislike for this unassuming spread. While thousands of people across America and beyond will reach into their fridge to retrieve this creamy addition to their morning bagel, Nixon turns up her nose, stating, “I refuse to eat cream cheese unless it’s sweetened and found in some sort of frosting.”

5. Whole Fish: While fish with the head and tail intact are often served in fine-dining establishments as a delicacy, some celebrity chefs swear that this particular type of culinary excellence is just too creepy to consume. The Biggest Loser’s chef Devin Alexander, famous for her take on healthy-version of contestant’s favorite comfort foods, claims that she can’t stomach any type of food that “looks back” at her. “I’m sorry,” Alexander admits, “but fish filets only, please!”

What do you think of these familiar foods that celebrity chefs can’t abide by? Are any of your favorites on this list. Let us know int he comments.