Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: How to Keep Your Kids Motivated Throughout the Rest of the School YearCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: How to Keep Your Kids Motivated Throughout the Rest of the School Year

By Jessica Gomez

Your child’s school year is almost over! However, as they approach the finish line, some students may get off track. This is unfortunate considering that they’re so close to the end! Having a support system to encourage kids with their studies is essential. The approach to motivating your children can depend on the child’s age. However, some methods can be useful for children of any age if they’re customized or “tailored” to the girl or boy, and that is where you, the parent, comes in!

Keep your child motivated with this parenting advice, along with some examples from celebrity parents:

1. Stay involved: When you are constantly involved in parent teacher meetings and school events, your child is more likely to keep their interest in school going. Being active in your child’s school not only helps you keep an eye on them, but also familiarizes you with the environment they’re in for the majority of the week. Being attentive is key. Celebrity couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z stay involved with daughter Blue Ivy’s school. Bey volunteered at a fundraiser last year where she performed three hit songs, while Jay-Z attends PTA meetings. And, the duo alternates picking her up and dropping her off to school. If this busy, power couple can make the time, so can you!

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2. Create a reward system while keeping yourself up-to-date: Whether the reward is big or small, a reward is a reward. For example, having your kids do their homework straight after school before taking part in other activities is one way to do it. After doing their homework, getting to play, watch TV, or do any other acceptable activity is a reward. When creating and implementing a reward system, it is important to keep yourself updated with your child’s work. Make sure they do their homework and projects, and don’t forget to ask them how school went and what they learned. For a little more information on creating reward systems (specifically ones based on the child’s age), read on here along with other creative ideas on Pinterest.

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3. Encourage them: This sounds simple, but many parents tend to sometimes miss it. School becomes something they expect their kids to do because they have to, but that does not mean that it requires any less encouragement than any other activity. Sometimes we’re focused on tough love or are just not as involved as we should be (back to tip #1 above). Whichever the case, parents need to find different ways to keep their kids going. Be their cheerleaders! Many celebrity parents like Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessica Alba, and David Beckham, took the approach of encouraging their kids on the first day of school by posting photos on social media — photos can be seen here. This can also work toward the ending of the school year because it’s an exciting time that should be celebrated.

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4. Create a nice, clean work space for them: Having a study area free from clutter and unlimited distractions is an important space to have. It encourages you to do work and keeps you situated. Ideally, a good work space will be organized, well-lit, and comfortable. If your child is easily distracted by what’s going on outside, their study space should be away from any windows. If they work well in silence, choosing the quietest place is a good idea. If they like some low background music, choose a space where you can set that up. Learn your child’s learning and productivity style, and then appoint a space as their study area based upon it.

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5. Share a productive and motivating lifestyle with them: Your mentality has a big say in how motivated and productive you are. Besides controlling your way of thinking, there are a few ways to change your lifestyle and your child’s. Getting eight hours of sleep is important, depending on your child’s age, even 10 hours of sleep is good for them. Many kids don’t get the proper amount of sleep, which makes them too tired to be fully focused and productive in school. A good diet is also important because your child needs the energy to do well in school and in the other parts of their lives. Dark fruits and vegetables along with ones rich in Vitamin B (like broccoli, spinach, celery, beets, blueberries, apples, potatoes, and beans) improve memory and cognition and are also good for alertness. And of course, stay fit by exercising together as well.

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These are just a few ways to help your child stay motivated for the rest of the school year – there are many more! Being a parent is a huge responsibility, and in order to do the job right, you have to know your child and incorporate different aspects of life into your parenting style, like described above.

What are some ways you keep your little one motivated as they become eager to finish the school year? Share below!