Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Tips: How to Connect with Your TeenagerCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Tips: How to Connect with Your Teenager

By Marissa Donovan

Reese Witherspoon is not only a fabulous celebrity parent, but she’s also a best friend to her daughter Ava Phillippe. The two have been seen on each other’s Instagram accounts, as well as at the premieres for Witherspoon’s recent work. Witherspoon shared with that they both support and talk to each other oftenHaving a connection with your teenager can be difficult, but acknowledging what you’re both going through can be the first step to having a tight knit relationship!

Are you struggling to connect with your teenager? Here are some parenting tips on how to rebuild or make your relationship stronger!

Adjust to their mood: Mood swings and tiring days from school are bound to happen for your teen. Instead of being high-spirited in hopes to turn their mood around, try giving them space and relax your enthusiasm. They will appreciate the distance you give them instead of trying to cheer them up.

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Keep responses positive: Teens pay attention to how you respond. If you respond to them negatively, they probably will probably feel uncomfortable communicating. Instead of responding with a sense of disappointment or judgement, open your statements with terms of hope and understanding.

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Never take their outburst personally: Your teenager is still trying to process how to manage and process their anger. When you say no or try reaching out to them, they might lash out. At the end of the day, slamming bedroom doors or hateful remarks are not because of you. Try remembering a moment when you were upset at their age and recognize what they’re going through.

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Know their friend circle: Get to know who your teen hangs out with! Allow them to invite friends over for dinner or social gatherings. You can later connect with them by asking how they met and what types of activities they like to do together. If they have similar taste in music, you can later search for concerts you can all attend together. Bonding over your teen’s friend circle can bring you closer!

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Be their biggest fan: You don’t have to carry around a foam finger to know how much you support your teen. Attending their sporting events or encouraging their artistic talents is just one small way of having a relationship with your teen. They might be embarrassed by your efforts at first, but eventually they will be grateful for your love as a parent.

Do you have tips for raising a teenager? Give our reader your parenting tips in the comments!