Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Tips to Stay Sane for the Rest of the SummerCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Tips to Stay Sane for the Rest of the Summer

By Melissa Lee

For your kids, summer vacation is probably one of the most exciting times of the year. They’re finally done with school, and they’re completely free for the next few months. But for yourself? Well, the summer can end up being a time for boredom and insanity when you’re driving yourself crazy trying to entertain both your children and yourself.

Sound familiar? Stress no more! Cupid’s here to lend some parenting tips on staying sane with your kids for the rest of summer:

1. Call it a night: This might be one of the most important pieces of parenting advice for the summer. Just because it’s summer vacation doesn’t mean there are no rules — this isn’t an anarchy! Don’t be afraid to bring some of the school year routine into summer, like bedtime. Whether you decide to keep it the same or extend it a half an hour is completely up to you, but at least you will still be able to get some “me time” in at the end of the day.

2. Get them reading: In the digital age, it can be tough to redirect your child’s attention from their iPhone to a physical book. Take them to a bookstore or the library and help them pick out a book that they find interesting, and then have an allotted 20-30 minutes a day that’s solely dedicated to reading. It will promote reading skills, in addition to having some peace and quiet in your home (just for a bit).

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3. Finish a project: Let’s face it; every parent has that mental list of things that they’d love to complete, but they’ve just been pushing it off since they’ve been too busy with their kids. Although you may feel pressured to constantly entertain your children, don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Decide on that one thing you’ve been meaning to do — whether it be re-decorating a room, starting a photo album, or re-organizing your clothes — and get started, giving yourself 15 minutes every day to work on it.

4. Divide up the chores: Keeping the house clean shouldn’t be one person’s job! Divide up chores between you and your kids by having a “chore board” that changes every day. Reward your children for their good job with whatever works — ice cream, a trip to the beach, or a new toy are all great examples.

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5. Get active: It only makes sense to take advantage of the warm weather by getting out there and being active. Spending 30 minutes a day outside doing physical activity can be super beneficial for both you and your kids. If you want, you can decide on a family activity — taking a walk or bike riding — that you can all do together.

What are some of your parenting tips for staying sane this summer? Share your thoughts below.