Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: Quick Tips and Tricks on How to Travel With KidsCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: Quick Tips and Tricks on How to Travel With Kids

By Delaney Gilbride

With Spring Break just around the corner, it’s definitely time to start preparing for your family’s weekend getaway! It’s common for celebrity couples to take some time off to travel the world on short romantic getaways; it’s also common that they bring their kids along with them. However, they’re just like any other parents when it comes to trying to keep their children occupied and entertained the whole trip. Luckily, celebrity kids and your own children are no different when it comes to games. It begs the question, what are some travel tricks to keep your kids amused throughout your vacation without breaking the bank?

Cupid’s here to tell you all about the most entertaining FREE apps to help make traveling with your kids easier:


1. Charades – iOS/Android: This new spin on the classic game of charades will have the whole family engaged! While you place the phone on your forehead, the rest of your family will give you clues in order for you to be able to guess the word presented on the screen. Categories range from dancing, to singing, to acting and sketching. The only thing is, you have to figure out what you are before time runs out! With over 100 decks and 400 cards, the fun never ends.

2. 101-in-1 Games! – iOS/Android: This free game collection has 142 games in 1 app; it calls for hours and hours of fun! This plentiful app includes games loved by all: puzzles, arcades, action, racing, sports, cooking, and even shooting games. This app allows you to play whatever your heart desires! It’s especially great for car rides – your kids will never be bored.

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3. Roadtrip – Bingo – iOS: This nostalgic board game is perfect in order to pass time in any situation. Your kids will want to know this game inside-out with nine board games to choose from! With variations like the license plate game board, the around town game board or the airline game board to help deal with layovers or delayed flights!


1. Gas Buddy – iOS/Android: Have you ever stopped for gas only to find another station nearby with cheaper prices after it’s already too late? With this app, that’s a thing of the past! Gas Buddy finds the cheapest gas around so you’ll never have to over pay for gas again. Report gas prices and earn points to enter daily raffles.

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2. GetBeen – iOS: If you hate sorting through phony Yelp reviews and false claims, this app is perfect for you. GetBeen connects through different social media accounts and helps you find trusted places through your friends! Look no further for the perfect restaurant and/or travel destination as this app will be able to help you find places family friendly and places for the perfect date night.

3. TuneIn – iOS/Android: The world of bad radio connection is no more! TuneIn live streams over 100,000 radio stations from all over the world including sports, news, music, and talk radio. If you want a little more, you can purchase premium with allows you a better and wider listening experience. Including 600 commercial free stations, premium listeners get play by play coverage of every MLB, NFL, and BPL games.

Are you going away for Presidents’ Day? Comment below with some family travel tips!