Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Meal Ideas On the GoCupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Meal Ideas On the Go

By Carly Horowitz

You slowly arise from your slumber as you hear your alarm going off at 6:45 A.M… only 15 minutes until you have to be out the door! Luckily, you have already prepared your to-go meals for the day the night before so that you don’t have to take time preparing anything AND you don’t have to waste money by buying food from somewhere else. Also, you made sure that what you prepared is healthy and yummy. What a perfect start to your morning- getting to sleep in a little later while still being prepared for your day. Living the life. Oh wait, did that actually happen to you this morning? If it didn’t, don’t worry- it can!

Below are some great meal ideas on the go!

Cupid is here to help with multiple healthy yet delicious food trend meal ideas to prepare for busy on the go people like you. If you save time by prepping your meals to go, you can have more time for a date night or a romantic getaway!

1. Hand pies: Hand pies are really just amazing. You can pack these babies in a container and have some for lunch or dinner on the go! There are also endless possibilities of how you can prepare them- buffalo chicken hand pies, paleo chili, mushroom gorgonzola and caramelized onion… is your mouth watering too? All you have to do is cook and prepare whatever you would like to fill the hand pie with, roll out some dough and separate it into however many hand pies you would like to make, drop some filling into the dough pieces, fold them over, egg wash, and bake until they are golden brown.

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2. Fresh salads: A salad may sound a little boring for a fun meal on the go idea, but if you know the right way to spice it up with some fun ingredients, a salad in a tuber-ware is a perfect thing to munch on to keep you energetic throughout the day. Here are some cool things that you can add to your salad of arugula, spinach, romaine, or whatever other base you choose. Feel free to mix and match these fun salad add in’s: lean turkey, grilled chicken, tuna, hard boiled eggs, bell peppers, avocado, smoked cheese, farro, toasted almonds, watermelon, pomegranate seeds, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, olives, quinoa, edamame, kidney beans, any type of berry, or anything else you can think of that might go nicely together in a salad! There are so many options.

3. Overnight oats: You didn’t think we forgot about breakfast, did you? Overnight oats is a really cool to-go breakfast idea. If you have a jar of something that only has a few scoops left in it, like peanut butter, almond butter, jam, etc.- simply fill it with oats, some yogurt, milk, chia seeds, frozen berries, and then in the morning as you rush out the door, you can grab the jar and you will have a yummy healthy mixture to munch on.

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4. Muffins: Bake some delectable muffins the night before for an easy and yummy breakfast or for a snack to have around lunch time! If you are looking for something healthy to munch on, try baking some paleo morning glory muffins! If not, it is always a good idea to whip up some traditional chocolate chip or blueberry muffins. Yum!

5. Sophisticated Sandwiches: Sandwiches are always a go-to idea for packing meals on the go. You can prepare your traditional ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread if you would like- or you can make a more interesting sandwich that will serve more as a meal. Some ideas are: Spicy orange and sesame chicken sandwich, smoked gouda and apple butter, egg salad with avocado, roast pork and pickled cucumber, smoked salmon, and more!

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6. Kabobs: Kabobs are such a good portable meal because you eat it off of a stick! How convenient. Expand your horizons- cook up some kabobs with steak and potatoes, honey-lime lamb and melon, Caribbean shrimp, mustardy grilled corn and sausage, ginger tuna, five-spice beef, etc. You can prep these kabobs on the grill the night before, and refrigerate them so that you can take them on your journey in the morning. It would be very convenient if you had access to a microwave to heat up the kabob’s wherever you are- but if not, they will still be yummy chilled.

What meal ideas on the go do you have? Comment below!