Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Chef Recipes: Meal-Planning Made DeliciousCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Chef Recipes: Meal-Planning Made Delicious

By Rachel Sparks

Meal-planning is all the rage, but where do you even start? Eating the same ingredients all week sounds pretty boring, but these celebrity chef recipes can help you plan your weeks in delicious style. Not only does it save time and energy, meal-planning is a great way to help you achieve your healthy-eating goals. These recipes are so good that even though it’s meal planning, the food is good enough to serve on a date night!

Try these celebrity chef recipes for easy and delicious meal-planning ideas!

Meal-planning doesn’t have to be boring. Yes, you’re trying to use the same ingredients all week to save on both time and money, but there’s a lot of ways to use the same ingredients in delicious ways! These recipes will add some new cooking techniques to your repertoire and make you look like a celebrity chef in no time! Check out these meal planning ideas inspired by Jennifer Lopez‘s diet and the creative substitutes Kim Kardashian makes.

1. It starts with the protein: Have you ever noticed that the bigger the cut of protein is the cheaper it is? This is because it requires you to do a little fabrication: basically, the art of butchery. If you don’t feel comfortable about breaking down a whole chicken, look for large portions, such as loins and roasts. You can cut these into stew meat, pork chops, or leave it as a roast. Buying these large portion saves you money, requires only a little prep ahead of time, and you can freeze any leftover cuts until you’re ready to use.

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2. Seasonal vegetables: Meal-prepping made easy and cheap means using readily available resources. While most grocery stores have a variety of vegetables year-round, the ones in season tend to be cheaper and, tastier, and much more delicious. Summer squashes can be used in pasta, stews, or sides for traditional entrées. Get creative and challenge yourself to use vegetables in every dish in a variety of ways.

3. Leftovers anyone: What’s easier than an already prepped meal? Not everyone loves leftovers, but some dishes taste better as they age. Stews and soups continue to develop flavor as they sit in the fridge ready to be eaten. Yes, some people don’t like leftovers, so consider smaller batches, but it’s already a meal prepared that just needs to be reheated.

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4. The back-of-the-pantry meal: Have you ever seen Chopped? They require contestants to use unusual ingredients to prepare normal meals. When you’re running short on time and can’t go to the store, digging around in your pantry can actually produce some unique dishes. It can be fun to challenge yourself.

5. To freeze or not to freeze: The ultimate in meal-prepping, preparing a dish ahead of time and saving it for later is incredible for a lot of people. If you have an afternoon free on a weekend, preparing a lasagna or casserole and freezing it makes an evening later in the week that much easier. Not everyone has time to cook an entire meal beforehand, thus the previous suggestions, but take that free time and get in the kitchen. You’ll thank yourself later!

How do you meal prep for your busy schedule? Share your tips below!