Cupid's Pulse Article: Find Your True Weight with the Incredible Dukan DietCupid's Pulse Article: Find Your True Weight with the Incredible Dukan Diet

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By Lori Bizzoco, Whitney Johnson and Kristin Mattern

If you’re ready for a diet that works, a diet celebrities use, a diet that will put you at your True Weight for life, then you’re ready for the Dukan Diet! During this Four-Phase Weight Loss Plan, you’ll lose those pesky pounds and settle into a slimmer weight.

Before starting the diet program, you answer a questionnaire calculate your True Weight, a realistic, healthy weight that can be reached and maintained for life. Additionally, you’ll be able to speak with an individualized Weight Loss Coach who will you work with you along the way to keep you on the right track. No coach ever gives up on a client, and their approach is tailored to each individual’s Dukan Diet profile and lifestyle. The best part? At less than 1 dollar per day, this is the cheapest online diet out there! We at have taken the plunge ourselves and experienced the Dukan Diet firsthand.

During phase one – the Attack phase – you’ll eat Pure Protein foods in unlimited quantities for up to a week. During this time, you’ll lose three to seven pounds. Our reviewers had mixed feelings about this phase. Although it was difficult to stick with an only-protein diet for this time, one reviewer had a positive experience and ultimately did lose the promised pounds when she stuck to this plan. The other reviewer, however, began to feel sick after four days and did not lose any weight. With these thoughts in mind, this diet may not be for everyone, but if you do complete the Attack phase, you can continue to drop the pounds by moving on to phase two.

In phase two – the Cruise phase – you’ll see a weight loss of one to three pounds daily while gradually adding vegetables into your diet until your body finds its True Weight. In phase three – the Consolidation phase, which is the most crucial step of this Low Carb Diet – you’ll prevent rebound weight gain. Carbohydrates will be slowly reincorporated, and you’re allowed two Celebration Meals a week! Finally, you move into phase four – the Stabilization phase – in which you maintain your True Weight for life. No foods are restricted, but you follow three rules: eat three tablespoons of Oat Bran daily, observe Protein Thursday and incorporate daily walking. During this diet, you’ll feel satiated, lose weight easily and maintain that weight because your body has settled into its True Weight.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Find Your True Weight with the Incredible Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is a physician-formulated lifestyle weight-loss program consisting of four phases to reach and keep your True Weight for life. The diet discards counting calories and instead emphasizes lean protein, plentiful amounts of water and daily walking. Plus, it allows unrestricted amounts of 100 healthy foods, ensuring that the dieter enjoys a variety of meals and snacks and never gets bored. The Dukan Diet is designed to help its members overcome common pitfalls and achieve healthy, lifelong weight management. Experience the amazing Dukan Die and find your True Weight at!

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