Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Foods to Help Fight Springtime AllergiesCupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Foods to Help Fight Springtime Allergies

By Rachel Sparks

Springtime is incredible. We can finally shed those extra layers, the greenery is coming back, the world is colorful from thousands of blossoms, and all the animals and birds come back. It’s a time of life and renewal, until allergies kick in. What can ruin a magnificent springtime? Itchy eyes, a runny nose, and an incessant cough. Hilary Duff, Jessica Alba, and Tori Spelling are all known for their suffering from allergies. Cupid has the best food trends to help kick your allergies to the curb.

These food trends will help you survive the dreaded allergies of springtime!

1. Probiotics: You’ve heard of the wonders of probiotics. They’re great for balancing bacteria in your belly to make sure that your insides work without any issues. Guess what else they do: fight allergies! Studies have shown that babies who feed on breastmilk where the mother took probiotics during and after pregnancy are less likely to have eczema and other forms of allergies. The good news for adults: we can skip the milk and go straight to the probiotics for some relief.

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2. Sinus clearing spices: Spices like anise, fennel, horseradish, and mustard act as natural decongestants. If you’re feeling stopped up in the nose, eating or drinking some of these spices help break up the congestion in your nose so you can breathe a bit easier.

3. BioflavonoidsSay what? Bioflavonoids are proven allergy relief because they act as mast-cell stabilizers, which decrease the number of cells that react to allergens. Fewer cells reacting means fewer allergy symptoms. Where can you find these miracle workers? In apples, onions, tea, and red wine.

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4. Omega-3’s: Yup, that fish oil trend you’ve heard about for years is legitimate and well worth jumping on the band wagon. Along with happy vitamins that help balance your emotions and the memory-boosting elements, your swimmer friends contain EPA and DHA. Both EPA and DHA reduce allergic reactions. The best source: cold water fish, such as salmon, sardines, trout, tuna, bluefish, and herring

5. Local Honey: Our personal favorite: honey! It’s sweet and delicious, great in dessert, teas, or even on a spoon. If you’ve ever had a cough, your mom may have made you drink tea with honey. The honey sticks to your throat, calming any irritation. But it gets better. Local honey uses local pollen, the very thing that causes your allergies. Ingesting this is a natural way of boosting your body’s resiliency against local allergens.

How do you fight springtime allergies? Share your secrets below!