Cupid's Pulse Article: Tree Infused Water Is Making Celebrity News As A Diet Staple For Fit StarsCupid's Pulse Article: Tree Infused Water Is Making Celebrity News As A Diet Staple For Fit Stars

By Cortney Moore

Do you drink your recommended daily dose of water? Studies are released every year, often stating that people aren’t hydrated enough. If you find yourself not drinking water because you don’t enjoy the plain taste, well there’s a healthy alternative for you, and it comes in the form of infused H2O! You may have heard of coconut water as a staple for many fitness fanatics, however other plant-based waters, such as maple and birch, are becoming more popular, especially within fit celebrity crowds. Find out why these specialized waters are making celebrity news and the benefits they can provide.

Flavored water is trending once more and making celebrity news. Learn why fit stars love them!

Before you think this is just another deceiving diet craze, just look at the benefits that tree-infused water guarantees. The first plus is that they’re all slightly sweet in flavor since they’re derived from tree sap, so your sweet tooth will be satisfied without packing on the calories. Aside from tasting delicious, they also contain a number of nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, malic and amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and countless other minerals that are all good for you. Additionally, nutritionists have been known to say these infused waters help contribute to lowered cholesterol, weight loss, overall liver health, clearer skin, fast healing, joint pain relief and improved dental health, including cavity reduction.

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Flavors that are most popular include maple, birch, bamboo, pine and cactus. The list goes on; and there’s sure to be more bottled up for our consumption. These infused waters can be found in Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Fairway and many other health food shops throughout the country. Wherever you’re located, you’re likely to find these odd, but nicely designed packaged waters. Brands that have gotten down with this flavored water trend include Vertical, Sapp, Sibberi, Sealand Birk, Wahta and Happy Tree, just to name a few. So, keep a lookout for these if you’re interested in spicing up your everyday water drinking. You can make things even more interesting by adding a dash of lemon juice and creating a low-calorie lemonade! Or, get creative and put together your own recipes.

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Celebrities who are fans of these infused waters include Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell and Dr. Oz. Beyoncé and Campbell have been said to use maple water as a diet tool with their cayenne pepper and lemon detox blends. Dr. Oz, on the other hand, featured a glowing review on the tree flavored waters in his blog The Good Life. Though the blog does warn that specialized water can be costly in the long run compared to standard H20, it goes on to say that infused water is a great option if can’t bring yourself to join the “plain water bandwagon.”

Though summer is over now, there’s no reason why you should stop drinking water. If you’re falling short on drinking healthy fluids, then these flavorful waters might be worth a try. Be kind to your waistline by taking water infusion to the next level and achieving your fitness goals! And, stay hydrated while you do it.

How do you feel about infused water? Would you give tree infused water a try? Share your thoughts in the comments below!