Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring A Professional Profile WriterCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring A Professional Profile Writer

By Joshua Pompey

Over the past 10 years as a relationship expert, I’ve written a whole lot of dating profiles. From teachers, to doctors, to CEOs, and even best selling authors, I’ve had the pleasure of helping people from all walks of life. And while most of the people I’ve worked with are intelligent, well-rounded, and perfectly capable people, it wasn’t until they outsourced a professional profile writer that they will able to find true online dating success. If you’ve been having less than stellar results online, or are even just beginning, I would strongly urge you to consider hiring a professional profile writer of your own. Here are five pieces of dating advice as to why.

Dating advice that will improve your odds on the field.

1. Online dating is a unique language: Remember when I said I wrote profiles for a couple best selling authors? Well I’ve also written a whole lot of online dating profiles for English professors, journalists, English teachers, and various other careers that specialize in writing. Most of these people possessed overall writing skills that were far superior than mine, but online dating is a different kind of language that requires a unique skill set. I may not be able to decipher Shakespeare on the same level or create meaningful poetry, but when it comes to online dating profiles, I bring much more to the table. Everything is relative.

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2. Professional profile writers have seen it all: Suppose you wanted to lose weight and are going to the gym for the first time. Or maybe you’ve been trying to lose weight for six months and your results have been rather mediocre. Who is more equipped to take you to the next level. You, or a professional trainer who has been helping clients to meet their goals for years? This is what you need to think about before you spend months, or even years with a profile that has not been looked at with a professional set of eyes. By hiring the best of the best, you are allowing yourself to chase your goals with the highest chance of success.

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3. A profile writer can easily spot red flags: One of the biggest reasons men and women fail at online dating is because they unintentionally write statements that scare people away. Something as little as the wrong word choice, accidentally appearing desperate, or sending the wrong signal about yourself can destroy an otherwise perfect profile. A professional profile writer can spot these types of mistakes in a split second, saving you the unfortunate situation of being ignored without knowing why and improve your date night chances.

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4. A professional online dating profile writer will not be biased: When someone hires me, it’s my job to give them a little tough love from time to time. Friends and family often try to be nice, or maybe they just don’t know any better so they don’t say anything critical. And you yourself might be your own worst enemy, as it’s hard to objectively critique ones own work. But with a professional? You are going to get it straight, and you’ll receive the tough love you need to achieve your goals. The dating tips you receive from  a professional profile writer will be like none other.

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5. Their reputation depends on your success Every single time I write a profile, I know that my name has its stamp on that profile. My future success depends on your current success, which creates a tremendous incentive to create the best possible profiles for people who expect top quality work. In the age of the internet where people can write reviews and provide feedback on everything, a professional who wants to stay in business long term will definitely put his or her all into doing right by you.

Joshua Pompey is an online dating expert, helping men and women to find love since 2009. For more information how to have your perfect profile created, men learn more here, women learn more here .