Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Online Dating Photos That Will Instantly Up Your Profile GameCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Online Dating Photos That Will Instantly Up Your Profile Game

By Joshua Pompey

Let’s face it. Men are all about appearances. It’s bred into our DNA. Sure we want to settle down with women who are are well-rounded, fun, caring, intelligent, and all that other good stuff. But before we actually get to the good stuff that leads to a long-term bond, we still focus on the visuals. This is why it is so critical to perfect the photo galleries of our online dating profiles in ways that will ignite high levels of interest. The good news is that you don’t have to be a supermodel, or even a model to spark high levels of attraction. But if you are one, call me ok? Where were we again? Oh yes… Creating a photo gallery that will ignite interest! The following five dating tips will put you on the path to a perfect photo gallery and hopefully increase your potential date nights.

Dating Advice That Will Help You Improve Your Online Dating Chances With Pictures Alone!

1. Travel photos: Travel photos don’t just show that you are well-traveled. They provide an insight into the fact that you have a sense of adventure and love new experiences. These are two winning qualities that you should be showcasing whenever possible.

2. The adventure picture: Speaking of adventure, if you have any pictures of yourself doing something slightly more adventurous than traveling, this will go a long way. Whether its a level 10 adventure like sky-diving, or skiing on a beginner slope, showing that you are willing to try new things will keep men thinking you are interesting, and more importantly, fun!

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3. The check me out picture: The check me out picture is you looking your absolute best! Dig through those Facebook archives for nights out with friends, weddings events, or simply a girls night out where everyone was literally checking you out. If you don’t have one? No problem. There’s always a Saturday night around the corner. Recruit your most loyal friend for one night, get dressed, and start snapping away.

4. The ‘I can hang with your friends’ picture: Think along the lines of pictures where you were at a sporting event, drinking a beer, or scratching your belly as you belch. Wait… Scratch that last one! But pictures that show you enjoy activities men typically also enjoy always go a long way. We don’t actually want to date someone who acts more like our male friends, but it’s nice to know you are wiling to do the things we like once in a while, or even better, are actually into them.

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5. The friends and family oriented picture: At the end of the day, showcasing that you are a kind and caring friend or family member is something all men are attracted to. This shows that you will make a great long-term partner and are able to form strong bonds with people. Have at least one picture showcasing the most important relationships in your life.

Follow this dating advice and you’ll have men reaching out to you in no time! However, the most important dating tip I want you to keep in mind is to be yourself in online photos, or you risk the chance of future relationship problems. No one likes false advertisement, so be honest and upfront about how you look before you go on that first date. More importantly, make sure your personality matches your online persona.

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