Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Do Pick Up Lines Actually Work?Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Do Pick Up Lines Actually Work?

By Joshua Pompey

There she is standing at the bar. Tall. Beautiful. Long flowing blonde hair. Think. Think. There must be a pickup line that will work…  Okay, I’ve got it!  

“Damn girl.  Are you okay?”  

“Yes, why?”

“Because damn it must have hurt when a beautiful Angel like you fell from heaven.”

Cue the eye roll, the grabbing of her closest friend’s arm, and the immediate exit. And just like that, bye bye beautiful blonde. If you’ve used cheesy pick up lines at any point in your life, odds are this may have happened to you at some point. While this may have been a terrible pick up line for the sake of the overall argument I’m about to get into, the question is, can pick up lines ever actually work? Well, that depends on a number of factors that I’ll explain to you in the following dating advice.

Dating Advice On Whether Pick Up Lines Work

For the most part, in terms of quality dating advice, the answer is almost always a resounding no. Pick up lines come across as lame, cheesy, and pre-mediated, making the other person not only think that you are corny, but will also communicate that you lack the basic social skills that it would take to approach someone in a conventional way. Using a pick up line communicates to the other person that you don’t have enough wit and originality to be interesting on your own accord, which isn’t exactly a compelling advertisement for why someone should talk to you. With that said, pick up lines can work. But only if you are in on the joke and have a pick up line that you know will make the other person laugh.

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Here’s an example, way back in the day, during Mr. Pompey’s younger years, long before I became a relationship expert, I once read a pick up line that I thought women would find to be rather cute. I would approach a girl that looked friendly in a bar, and walk up to her as if I were trying to set my friend up. “Hey you see my friend sitting over there…” He would then wave. “Well… (long pause) he wants to know if you think… (long pause)… this is kind of embarrassing… (another pause)… he wants to know if you think I’m cute.” Cue flirtatious smile by me. Almost every time I delivered this line I would be met with a smile or a laugh, and then the woman would excitingly engage in conversation. The little twist and mis-direction at the end of the line, combined with the fact that this line is also somewhat funny, results in a highly effective pick up line.

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In addition to my arsenal of dating tips, I’d like to point out my use of that line showed confidence and avoided the typical pitfall of being a pick up line that is lame and cheesy. Being clever can go a long way, even if they know it’s a line. But perhaps most importantly, my body language and delivery shows I’m in on the joke.  I’m not walking up to a woman all serious as if I am really hoping I pick her up with these smooth skills of mine. I’m just having fun and delivering the line in a way that makes it clear I’m just here to make her laugh and help her have a good time. 

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At the end of the day, nearly all pick up lines will come across as lame. But if you find a clever one and deliver it in a manner that shows you’re just having fun, you just might wind up in some good company and a potential date night. 

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