Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Does A Man Really Have to Call?Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Does A Man Really Have to Call?

By Joshua Pompey

You have an amazing date night. He’s fun. He’s charming. He says and does all the right things. You kiss goodnight, agree to meet up again at some point, and eagerly await a call from him. But that call never comes. Text after text after text, until finally a few days later, he asks you out…via text. The question is, should he have picked up the phone to call you? Isn’t that what a “good guy” who is serious about a relationship would do? The answer is yes, but only if you’re trapped in a time warp where the two day rule still exists and the Kardashian’s don’t plague our lives on a daily basis. My dating tip is that you need to face the facts. Times have changed tremendously over the past decade. When it comes to the courting process, phone calls are starting to go the way of the Arch Deluxe and Pepsi Clear. Remember those? Neither does anyone else. If a man doesn’t pick up the phone to call you, it doesn’t mean he isn’t serious about you. It just means he’s playing by the dating rules of the era that he is currently living in. Take this dating advice from a relationship expert!

Dating Advice: How to React When a Man Only Texts

Today the majority of social interactions take place via text message, even more so than face to face interactions and this isn’t just limited to dating. Texting often dominates work, friends, and family connections as well. For better or worse, most men simply don’t feel the need to make phone calls when they can get out a quick message via text.

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We also live in a generation where men and women alike live much busier lives. Work hours are longer than ever, social obligations are never-ending, and by the time most people finish all their responsibilities for the day, it’s almost time for bed. Text messaging is just more practical and convenient on every level. “But if he really likes me. Wouldn’t he make the time to call me?” Not necessarily. Men are also calling or texting based on their own perception of how they think they are expected to act. We live in a day and age where the majority of women also prefer texting to phone calls. This makes calling you a big risk. If he calls you and gets the machine, now he has to suffer through an agonizing waiting game. This is mental torture, even for us men. With a text message he knows that he will probably hear back from you relatively quickly.

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Finally, phone calls come with much higher stakes. Calling you means he has to be charming, witty, and on his A game. This may not be true, but he still may feel this way. On the contrary, text messages are a pressure free situation. With all that said, if a man likes you, he will eventually call you. But this usually doesn’t come until after a few dates, when he feels as if things are progressing to a relationship. But during the courting phase, my dating advice is to not be alarmed not to hear a man’s voice on the phone. If you are dismissing men based on this notion, you may just be waiting a very long time for someone to come along.

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