Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Steps To Securing A Second DateCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Steps To Securing A Second Date

By Joshua Pompey

You’ve met the man of your dreams.  He was tall, handsome, fun, and somehow managed to avoid making you question the male species. A true dating rarity these days. You can’t wait to have another date night. The question is, how do you secure that coveted second meeting once the first date is over? As a relationship expert, I have some dating advice. Below are five steps to take to ensure a second date.

Dating Advice On Securing A Second Date Night

Step 1:  Send a thank you text after the date. If you had a good time, don’t keep it to yourself. Text your date an hour later that you had a good time and thank him for taking you out.  Men who are serious about finding a relationship will not be scared off by this. They will like you that much more if they know you have a good heart and are a kind person.

Step 2:  Don’t play games. In an era of unlimited distractions and short attention spans, playing games will put you on the fast track to being forgotten. These days everyone carries their phone on them twenty-four seven. Avoiding contact for long periods of time after a great date won’t come across as playing it cool, it will just come across as rude or dis-engaged. If you like a man, do all the things you did prior to the first date. Stay interesting, fun, and don’t be afraid to flirt a bit over your texts.

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Step 3:  Don’t come across as too eager. There is a fine line between showing interest and acting as if you are suddenly his girlfriend.  No, you don’t want to start playing games.  But you also don’t want to start hitting up his phone around the clock asking trivial details about his life.  Play it cool and just go with the flow.

Step 4:  Never send a panic text. If he goes a few hours without answering your text, don’t send a follow-up text that wreaks of desperation and insecurity.  He may have just become busy, but that doesn’t mean he is no longer interested. However, if you send an unwarranted panic text, he may just lose the interest he previously had.  My dating advice: If it gets to a point where a day has passed and he clearly isn’t responding, he may have simply just forgot about the text. It happens. So shoot him a new text the next day as if nothing ever happened. Don’t comment on him ignoring your previous text.

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Step 5:  Attempt to meet sooner rather than later. If you are asked out for a second date with a really great guy, don’t put off the date because you have a yoga class or made plans to meet up with your friends later in the week for happy hour. We all get busy these days, but when you run into potential love, that needs to take precedence in your life, as nothing is more important. My dating tip: Postponing a date for more than a week for trivial reasons will quickly cause the momentum to fade.

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