Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Moving Your Relationship From Online To Face-to-FaceCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Moving Your Relationship From Online To Face-to-Face

By Joshua Pompey

So you’ve managed to exchange numbers with a seemingly amazing guy online. The hard part is over right? Think again. This is where your journey actually begins. The truth is, the highest quality men online have a lot of options. In fact, last week I received 97 total contacts on Match alone! If you want to make sure a great guy sticks around, you need to make the transition from the online world to a face-to-face encounter as smooth as possible. It all starts with the text message…and perhaps some dating advice.

Dating Advice On Transitioning From Online To First Date

1. Texting should not be limited to making plans. The dangerous part about online dating is that other women will still be coming after your man while you are trying to win him over. It’s your job to make him forget about his other options and focus completely on you. My dating advice is to avoid making small talk and don’t act disengaged with your conversations. Texting is your opportunity to cement a man’s attraction to you with fun, playful, and light-hearted conversations, so that by the time the first date rolls around, he will feel as if he has known you forever.

2. Don’t let more than three days go by without communication. Suppose your first date is a week away. If you go five days without contact, you will feel like complete strangers by the time you meet. Awkward first dates don’t result in second dates. Avoid this by shooting your date a random text every couple of days just to keep the pre-date relationship going. Take this fun relationship advice seriously.

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3.  If you want a man to take you seriously, take him seriously. Too many women treat the first meeting as a complete afterthought. Don’t squeeze a date in at the nearest possible bar, between your 5 o’clock meeting and 7 o’clock spin class, or come straight from work looking slightly run down in business attire. I understand that we live in a busy world, but if you want to be remembered, give your date a reason to remember you. Try to coordinate a fun meeting location and put in a little effort.

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4. Send a text a few minutes before the date. Build up some fun and excitement before the date to avoid an awkward introduction.  For example, 5 minutes before arriving, I sometimes text a joke such as, “Okay I didn’t want to tell you this but, I’m really 5’1 and 280 pounds. That won’t be a problem right? ;P…” As a relationship expert, I know a text like this will ease the tension, and will provide some fun dating story segues for when you arrive.

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5. This is a date, not a business meeting. Nothing is more frustrating for a man than receiving a firm hand shake upon meeting. This comes across as ice cold and immediately squashes the romantic feel of a date. Dating tip: A small little hug, and dare I say, a kiss on the cheek won’t give you cooties. If you wind up not liking the person, I assure you, these actions won’t be something you regret one day!

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