Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 3 Online Dating Trends to Watch Out For In the New YearCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 3 Online Dating Trends to Watch Out For In the New Year

By Joshua Pompey

The New Year is upon us.  And for some of us, this means a symbolic fresh start.  Especially in the world of online dating.  But before you start firing up those dating sites again, take a moment to note these three new trends that are emerging in the online dating world, and the dating tips that will help you avoid relationship problems. 

Dating Advice That You Should Try Out In 2017

1. The emergence of the dating apps: From my observations as a relationship expert, dating apps are quickly becoming a dominant presence in the online dating world.  With the ability to swipe left and right for the perfect match, singles all over the world are flocking to the convenience that these apps offer.  But with progress always comes a price.  Dating apps are also filled with members who are flaky, have short attention spans, and members who are simply looking for a hook up.  Enjoy the convenience if you wish, but if you are looking for a serious relationship, this might not be the most effective road to go down.  

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2. Online dating exhaustion: With the emergence of the online dating app, dating  fatigue is also in full effect.  Sometimes having too many options can create the paradox of choice, leading to a multitude of conversations and “matches” that never actually lead anywhere.  Users constantly become distracted by the “next best profile” and this eventually leads to complete exhaustion and the urge to quit online dating. The solution? My dating advice, If you engage in online dating apps, stay focused and stop swiping until a few of the conversations you are already in lead to an actual date.  If those dates don’t work out, then you can resume swiping again.

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3. Pick up the response rate: Once upon a time emailing someone back once a day or every other day was more than sufficient.  In fact, responding to someone’s emails more than once every other day would run the risk of making you appear desperate.  But not anymore.  These days, attention spans are shorter than they ever have been and if you don’t stay prominent in the other person’s life, you run the risk of him or her flaking.  Make sure you respond at least once a day, and if you can, twice a day.  As a rule of thumb, try to mirror that patterns and speeds at which the other person is engaging you.  If they are quick on the trigger and you are interested, don’t leave them hanging too long.

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