Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Famously Single’ Dating Coach Dr. Darcy Sterling on Relationships, Communication & Her Own MarriageCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Famously Single’ Dating Coach Dr. Darcy Sterling on Relationships, Communication & Her Own Marriage

Written By Melissa Lee. Interview by Lori Bizzoco.

Relationship expert and dating coach Dr. Darcy Sterling is no stranger to training individuals on their communication skills. As the mentor on E!’s Famously Single and the co-owner of a group practice, Dr. Darcy has spent the past 21 years counseling those on their relationship skills. Famously Single is only a sneak peek into the type of work Dr. Darcy does on a daily basis as a dating coach. As a clinical social worker, Dr. Darcy strives to help individuals open up and communicate in order to receive the most fulfilling romantic relationships possible. In our recent celebrity interview, Dr. Darcy revealed some of the drama that went down on this season, key relationship issues, and how her show has helped her own marriage.

Dr. Darcy Spills Some Drama on Season 2 of Famously Single in Celebrity Interview

Since the show essentially revolves around relationships, it’s not a surprise that several co-stars ended up dating both during and after filming. Former Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and DASH Dolls alum Malika Haqq did not shy away from sharing details on their relationship on social media, but broke up shortly after filming ended. “I think they needed to learn how to have a fight. They had different communication styles, they needed to learn how to resolve conflict, and they needed to learn how to communicate effectively,” Dr. Darcy says. She even confessed that her and wife Stephanie Koncicki offered to coach them after the show had ended, but Ronnie wasn’t interested.

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Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson soon ended up revealing his love with model Zoe Baron. When asked whether or not Dr. Darcy thinks Chad has learned much from the show, she informed us that the couple had very recently broken up! “They broke up two nights ago, so you tell me,” she says.

And when it comes down to Calum Best, who was also on the show last season, Dr. Darcy explained that it was much easier to get deep down and solve his relationship conflicts. “The amazing thing with Calum is that I got to go so much deeper with him because I already had a relationship established with him, so I didn’t have to earn trust or build a foundation of a relationship,” Dr. Darcy says. “I’m a little rough on Calum this season.”

The Advice Dr. Darcy Gives Is As Real As It Gets

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Darcy also has her own group practice in addition to an advice column. At times, it can be up for debate whether or not the advice she gives is the same she’d give to her private clients — but she quickly shuts that down. “You have to start with the basic skills — communication skills, conflict skills, how to have a fight. Those are the biggest issues.”

She explains that regardless of whether she’s counseling in private or in the public eye on television, it is of great importance that individuals are working on their communication and conflict resolution. “We need them with all of our relationships. I need them with my friends, family, even my clients.”

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Dr. Darcy further emphasized the fact that feelings get hurt in relationships, and it’s somehow inevitable. “We need to know how to have a fight, and how to communicate when someone’s hurt our feelings because in relationships, we hurt each other’s feelings,” she says. “Everyone does it.”

Famously Single Improved Her Marriage

Dr. Darcy married her partner, Stephanie, in 2009. She mentioned that Stephanie also does relationship counseling, but coaches couples together, whereas Dr. Darcy prefers one-on-one. “We teach relationship skills all the time. We’re incredibly mindful of practicing what we preach, and it’s really enhanced our relationship,” Dr. Darcy disclosed.

The two even have an online course together called “Relationship Skills Bootcamp.” The workshop is designed to teach participants to improve skills within their relationship, similarly to the way their face-to-face counseling is.

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It turns out that hosting Famously Single has actually been a huge positive influence on her marriage. “We’re much better to each other, we’re more careful, we’re on our toes with each other,” she says. “How many people say getting a television show actually enhanced the relationship?”

Tune into Famously Single on Sundays on E! to see what relationship advice Dr. Darcy is giving this week!