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Jul 21, 2017 0

Celebrity Interview: ‘Famously Single’ Dating Coach Dr. Darcy Sterling on Relationships, Communication & Her Own Marriage

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Written By Melissa Lee. Interview by Lori Bizzoco.

Relationship expert and dating coach Dr. Darcy Sterling is no stranger to training individuals on their communication skills. As the mentor on E!’s Famously Single and the co-owner of a group practice, Dr. Darcy has spent the past 21 years counseling those on their relationship skills. Famously Single is only a sneak peek into the type of work Dr. Darcy does on a daily basis as a dating coach. As a clinical social worker, Dr. Darcy strives to help individuals open up and communicate in order to receive the most fulfilling romantic relationships possible. In our recent celebrity interview, Dr. Darcy revealed some of the drama that went down on this season, key relationship issues, and how her show has helped her own marriage.

Dr. Darcy Spills Some Drama on Season 2 of Famously Single in Celebrity Interview

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Celebrity Interview: Dr. Darcy Sterling Reveals Chad Johnson and Zoe Baron Split

By Mallory McDonald

Dr. Darcy Sterling, television personality and star of E! Network’s hit show Famously Single hosted a Season Two viewing party at CRAVEN restaurant in New York City last night. Lori Bizzoco, the founder and executive editor of Cupidspulse.com, got an exclusive interview with Dr. Darcy onsite. When asked if the work former Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson did on the show, led to the success of his relationship with model Zoe Baron, Dr. Darcy shocked us with the news that the celebrity couple broke up two days ago!

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Tune into to E! on Sunday nights at 10/9c to watch Dr. Darcy work with Chad Johnson on Famously Single!!

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Celebrity Interview: ‘Famously Single’ Star Dr. Darcy Reveals Her Favorite Cast Members & Those Who Surprised Her Most

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Famously Single’ Star Dr. Darcy Reveals Her Favorite Cast Members & Those Who Surprised Her Most
Photo courtesy of E!

By Rebecca White

Over a year ago, Dr. Darcy Sterling received an email inviting her to audition for a new reality TV series, Famously Single, which focuses on helping eight single celebrities work through their relationship problems. Having made her television debut on E! in 2011, the network was familiar with her, so she flew out, auditioned, and the rest is history. Her experience as a licensed clinical social worker and relationship expert facilitates her work to help individuals and couples who want more out of life. She hosts workshops focused on psychology and runs a Q&A blog. In our exclusive celebrity interview, Dr. Darcy dishes on the Famously Single cast members, from who was her favorite to who surprised her the most, and shares her best relationship advice.

Dr. Darcy Dishes On Famously Single Cast In This Celebrity Interview

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