Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘The Cycle’ Co-Host Aliya-Jasmine Sovani on Work, Life, Love and Balancing It AllCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘The Cycle’ Co-Host Aliya-Jasmine Sovani on Work, Life, Love and Balancing It All

By Noelle Downey

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani is one of the newest voices at NBC with the talk show she co-hosts, The Cycle, now airing digitally to reach a millennial audience. With her show, she strives to make the news more accessible to young people by creating a haven for a well-researched blend of political, pop culture, and sports news that so many viewers wish they could find with just a quick Google search on their phones. And now they can, thanks to The Cycle. When she’s done at work, the co-host has a life full of love, laughs, fashion, and friends to enjoy. In our recent celebrity interview, Sovani opens about how she manages to have it all, from her dream job to true love.

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani Spills Details on Her New NBC Talk Show The Cycle in Celebrity Interview

While The Cycle may be hosted by NBC, one of the biggest networks around, Sovani insists that this new digital take on a talk show is bringing something brand new and accessible to younger viewers — and a lot of that has to do with the tone of the show. “Imagine Anderson Cooper doing the six o’clock news and then going home in the evening, and he throws a black v-neck T-shirt and cracks open a beer,” she explains with a laugh. “The way that he would explain his day to Andy Cohen at night over a drink is the way that we try to do the news every day.”

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Of course, it’s not just the tone; it’s also the content, which the co-host says is chosen with younger viewers in mind. “We’ll do all the biggest headlines when it comes to world news and politics, but we also cover sports and pop culture,” she says, “so if Kendrick Lamar drops a new album, we’ll talk about that with the same kind of importance.”

In this new digital world, convenience is everything. Sovani believes it was important to make this show as easy to access on-the-go as possible to match the fast-paced life of most modern millenials. “Our show is completely made to watch on your phone, which I think is really cool and forward-thinking,” the co-host shares. “This is new: the idea of traditional news networks pushing out content to a millennial audience using digital and social platforms. Being able to be part of that movement, as a storyteller and as a journalist, is really rad and incredibly fulfilling. Not only am I getting to tell stories that I care about, but I’m able to tell them on a platform that I also use to consume information.”

The Cycle Co-Host Dishes on Her Favorite Date Night

Of course, with a new show and such a busy work schedule, Sovani has to set some serious boundaries to make sure that she can find time to just relax. So what are her secrets for achieving that perfect work-life balance? “I live about three blocks from the ocean. I have a little rescue mutt, and I bring him to the ocean every single morning, and that’s kind of my tranquility,” she says in our celebrity interview. “I also have a rule at home: I don’t have my phone in my bedroom at all. I won’t even use it as an alarm. And I have a ‘no weekends’ policy. So the only time I’ll check my email and my phone on the weekends is on Sunday night at 6 p.m., just to get ready for Monday.”

During these social media and digital fasts, Sovani still has plenty to entertain her: “I just let my weekends be about me and my dog and my boyfriend,” she enthuses. “We really like to go out for brunch, and we spend a lot of our weekends at the ocean. For me, that’s everything.”

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Sovani isn’t just making strides in her professional life; she’s also taking big steps in her celebrity relationship. She admits that this is the first time she’s ever lived with a boyfriend, so she’s concentrating on keeping things fresh and fun. “I think it’s very easy to get into a routine where all you guys talk about is work when you get home,” she explains, “so we decided to try to go to more comedy shows! Instead of just doing a dinner date night, we decided to start doing ‘dinner and comedy’ nights. We’ll see the show, and then we can go for dinner and talk about it and the world at large.”

So is laughter truly the best medicine? For Sovani and her special someone, it certainly is. “I think that it reminds you of why you were intellectually attracted to that person,” she reveals. “For both of us, that’s what we find really attractive about each other. So that’s been a great addition to our relationship.”

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani Reveals Her Go-To Fashion Item

Of course, whether in the office or on date night, Sovani is committed to looking fantastic. And there’s one item that she just can’t live without: “Sheath dresses are my new thing that I love in my 30’s,” she gushes. “I have these really great leather Oxford booties that I wear with my sleeveless sheath dresses and maybe a blazer thrown on top for work. Then, in the evening, all I have to do is replace those shoes with a cute pump and my briefcase with a nice little Chanel bag. That’s been my new date night trick.”

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With style tips as good as that, Sovani is clearly in-the-know when it comes to trends, and her knowledge of celebrity news is just as on point. Her favorite bits of celeb gossip right now are focused on two powerhouse ladies: Kim Kardashian and Serena Williams. “I read a headline about how Kim is being really open about getting a surrogate to have her next child. I know for many woman, that’s been a taboo topic,” she says. “So I think it’s really interesting that she’s being very open with it. It’s opening up a dialogue for women who might not be able to have children and who have thought about that.”

And it turns out the journalist is also a huge fan of how Williams recently shared her pregnancy photos. “I think that’s really incredible because she has this iconic strong female body and all women are pressured into looking certain ways,” Sovani explains. “Female athletes especially spend so much time conditioning their bodies, so for her to flip the switch and watch her body transform publically is really brave.”

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