Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Advice: Choose the Perfect Date Night DressCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Advice: Choose the Perfect Date Night Dress

By Judy Robinson

Clothes are the portion of your appearance that you actually get to choose. Think of it as personal branding — your clothes should reflect your personality. Your style should appeal to the type of person you want to attract. Your clothes also reflect how you feel at the present moment. If you are feeling happy, sexy, confident or even tensed; it will all show through how you’re dressed and the way you carry it.

Here are some of my favorite first date fashion tips!

If you are a hipster at heart, wearing a boutique dress may not catch the eye of the kind of person you’re trying to attract, so try to pick outfits which truly reflect your personality.

In the day of Tinder and other dating websites, you may be walking into a date with someone that you haven’t met yet, so they will be looking at your clothes to get hints on the type of person you are.

1. High heels: High heels are an awesome choice for a date if you are comfortable in them. If you can’t stand straight or walk in a pair of heels, then they are a big “no” for date night. Your discomfort will show, and it will restrict movement so you may not be able to do much (like go for a walk after dinner). Overall, you’ll just make your date very awkward. Tall girls purposely wear flats on dates because they are concerned about being taller than their date. Hey, if you’re blessed with long legs, strut your stuff in them heels, girl! Don’t worry about looking taller; you should be focusing on looking fabulous yourself. If you feel confident and sexy in a pair of heels, then go for it.

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2. Wearing sexy, but not feeling it: Don’t go for something too short or too revealing if it causes you to be nervous and uncomfortable. Your clothes should not be adding to your nerves. Find something that looks good and makes you feel comfortable at the same time. Sundresses in the spring and summer make great options for dates.

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3. Being sloppy: On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who think too much — those that are afraid of coming across as too pushy and completely under-dress. Wearing an oversized sweatshirt over a pair of worn-out jeans and sneakers is great for hanging out with your friends, but it’s a different game when you’re going on a date. You’re hopefully going to want to see the person again, so you might as well put in some effort in the way you’re dressed. You don’t have to be in a dress if you don’t want to be. Slip into your favorite jeans, but pair them with something that looks smart.

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4. Not matching the occasion: A major faux pas on your first date is to wear something that is not right for the occasion. Keep in mind where you are meeting up and any possible activities you may do on your first date. Think of the versatility and functionality of the outfit you wear. If you’re going somewhere near the beach, you can wear a dress, but stilettos are probably not a good idea – a shift dress with sneakers will work wonderfully.

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