Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: The ’90s Are BackCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: The ’90s Are Back

By Melissa Lee

In the fashion world, trends always seem to recycle. Those bell-bottom jeans your mom used to rock in the ’70s have resurfaced, and 1980s inspired graphic tee-shirts are always in style. But somehow, all the childhood outfits you wore in the ’90s are also super trendy — that’s right, the ’90s are back! Between your old hair scrunchies, overalls, and chokers, we are definitely supportive of this fashion trend.

Not only are the ’90s back, but they’re here to stay! This fashion trend is giving us major nostalgic vibes.

1. Chokers: Remember when every middle school girl had an array of rainbow chokers around her neck? Well, guess what — they’re still all the rage. These skin-tight necklaces resurfaced a few years ago and have been super trendy ever since. Chokers are a great way to layer jewelry and give a rather edgy touch to your look.

2. Overalls: Someone call Kimmy Gibler because overalls are back! These “onesies” can be worn and styled many different ways, whether it be in total denim from head-to-toe or a cute little overall dress. Either way, they give us flashbacks to rocking a pair on the first day of school. Plus, an added bonus is that it’s a one piece, so getting dressed in the morning is super easy!

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3. Birkenstocks: These sandals were seen on everyone during those humid summer days, and they’ve somehow recycled themselves as a fashion staple. Celebs like Alexa Chung have been spotted styling these, and they actually give your look a cool, relaxed vibe. We’re on board!

4. Crop Tops: These shirts are a huge modern day fashion necessity, and it’s all thanks to ’90s pop culture! We can probably thank Cher from Clueless for this one. Crop tops are a fun way to show off some skin while still looking chic. They’re sold nearly everywhere in every print or pattern imaginable.

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5. Flannel: Once seen as a grunge wardrobe essential, flannels are super stylish now and can be worn multiple different ways. Whether they be over-sized or fitted, you can use one to layer during the fall or tie it around your waist for a Jared Leto vibe.

What were some of your favorite fashion trends of the ’90s? Share your thoughts below!