Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness: 5 Amazing Workout Tips from the Best Celebrity TrainersCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness: 5 Amazing Workout Tips from the Best Celebrity Trainers

By Melissa Lee

If you’ve ever embarked on a fitness journey yourself, you most likely know the feeling of doubting whether or not your exercise routine is even working. And while not all of us can afford to hire celebrity trainers, we can learn from some of the tips they’ve revealed to help us move forward in our fitness routines. Use some — or all! — of these tips to get in shape and get your dream body.

Looking for some advice to help you get fit? Check out these workout tips from the best celebrity trainers!

1. 3 miles or 30 minutes: Pilates trainer Kit Rich is no stranger to losing weight and toning muscle — after battling her own eating disorders, she became a trainer and healthy-lifestyle ambassador. The number one tip she has found to be most effective comes from maintaining a manageable workout routine. She claims that either doing 3 miles of running, walking, or hiking, or a 30 minute workout is the way to go.

2. The VersaClimber: Rise Nation trainer Devin Wiggins claims that the VersaClimber, a machine typically installed at gyms, is the best way to burn calories if you’re sick of the treadmill or elliptical. It’s a full-body workout along with being low impact but high intensity. Wiggins says that “you can go hard for 20-30 minutes and get an amazing full-body workout while burning more calories than many 60-minute classes.” Sign us up!

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3. The ‘3-2-1 Method’: Dakota Johnson’s trainer, Ramona Braganza, helped her prepare for her 50 Shades Darker role by having her use the 3-2-1 Method. This workout routine is a combination of three cardio segments, two strength circuits and one core segment. “These jumping exercises increase metabolism, burn fat, and tone legs,” Braganza says.

4. Optimism is key: 10-year fitness expert Holly Rilinger revealed that she thinks fitness begins with your mindset. Her advice is to keep a positive attitude and the rest will come easy. “We’re so used to finding our flaws, but if you start your day finding something you love about yourself, you’ll find the motivation to go out and meet your fitness goals.”

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5. TV timeouts: Celeb trainer Chase Weber advised to use commercial breaks to your advantage. When binge watching your favorite show, choose an exercise — squats, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. — and do it for a set of 15 during each commercial break. He says that you should do this at least three times a week, and you will soon find yourself making the effort to get it done.

What are some of your favorite workout tips? Share them below.