Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Fitness: Celeb-Approved Ways to Stay Fit in NYCCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Fitness: Celeb-Approved Ways to Stay Fit in NYC

By Noelle Downey

With summer about to be in full swing, it’s officially time to start thinking about how amazing you’re going to look in your favorite bikini at the beach this year. If you want to shave off a few pounds to look your best while you play in the surf and sand this summer, never fear! There are tons of places you can head to work out and look stunning in time for the hottest summer months, especially if you live in celeb-studded NYC. Tons of celebrities will be joining you on your quest to get fit this year, and if you head to any of these premier fitness locales, you just might run into them!

Celebrity Fitness: Check out these celeb-approved ways to stay fit in NYC and see if any of these fitness trends could help you get a celebrity style body and look!

1. Ballet Beautiful: For a somewhat non-traditional workout, visit Ballet Beautiful, a celeb-approved hotspot for getting fit with ballet exercises and cardio that’s client specialized to any particular needs you might have or problem areas you might want to address. Owner Mary Helen Bowers is used to VIP clients, including Victoria’s Secret Angels Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge, and Bowers also personally trained Natalie Portman for her Oscar-winning performance in dark horror flick, Black Swan. With two convenient locations in SOHO and the Upper East Side, visit this special studio and pick a workout from anywhere between fifteen minutes to three hours to see what all the stars are raving about when it comes to this fun fitness opportunity.

2. ModelFit: For a fantastic workout that leads to an absolutely stellar body, try ModelFit, a hugely popular fitness boutique in Manhattan frequented by such big-name stars as Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teigen. Owner and fitness expert Justin Gelband focuses on toning your muscles through cardio, so expect a lot of fun activities like kickboxing and yoga to shake up your fitness routine. And don’t be surprised if you spot even more Victoria’s Secret Angels – ModelFit is incredibly popular with the modeling crowd, so much so that Gelband is referred to as “the supermodel trainer.”

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3. Rumble Boxing: Looking for something to break you into even more of a sweat? Why not try Rumble Boxing, a hardcore workout that allows you to jump from lifting weights to hitting a punching bag in minutes. Rumble Boxing is still an up-and-coming fitness destination for the rich and famous, but professional models are often seen blowing off steam and burning calories in this premier establishment, including Canadian-born supermodel Lexi Wood and fitness training icon and former football player Devon Levesque. Visit this awesome workout facility to burn some calories and get your body beach-ready this summer!

4. AKT InMotion: If Ballet Beautiful sounds fun but you’re looking for a different kind of dance for your workout, look no farther than AKT InMotion, a high-energy dance studio from owner Anna Kaiser, who is responsible for the fantastic physiques of such stars as Shakira and Kelly Ripa. Keep on your toes with this fantastic workout that combines the fun of a night out dancing with your girlfriends with the calorie burn you’ll need to feel great about your body this summer. Grab a group of friends and hit up this celeb-approved NYC fitness hotspot for a fun hour of intense dancing that will leave you feeling invigorated and full of adrenaline.

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5. Dogpound: If you’re looking for a workout that has a high level of intensity but an equally high level of results, than Dogpound might just be for you. This insane fitness hotspot is a beloved favorite of a ton of Victoria’s Secret Angels, including Ashley Graham and Leonardo DiCaprio’s celebrity ex, Toni Gaarn. Move across the room burning calories and flipping tires or step into the ring for a boxing match for some intense fitness that will leave you breathless and with a great bikini-worthy body. Feel great about your tenacity in the ring and your core strength as you step up to the challenges at this amazing and hardcore NYC fitness stop.

Are you planning to visit any of these celeb-approved fitness hotspots in NYC? What are your favorite ways to get fit? Let us know in the comments!