Cupid's Pulse Article: Let Your Partner Be Your Inspiration To Getting & Staying FitCupid's Pulse Article: Let Your Partner Be Your Inspiration To Getting & Staying Fit

This post was sponsored by Altar’d. 

By Mallory McDonald

When you are in a relationship with someone, it can be easy to let yourself go and pack on some extra pounds. But, this is the worst thing you can do for not only your relationship but also for yourself. You aren’t the only one who is guilty of doing this when getting comfortable in your relationship. Z Living Network has a new original television series, Altar’d, which features real life stories blending fitness, health, love, and relationships. The worst time not to feel your best is when your wedding day is approaching and you still haven’t lost the weight you planned on. Altar’d features real life soon-to-be-married couples who are separated for 90 days as they each complete their individual wedding weight loss transformation, guided by the hosts and fitness experts, Chris Marhefka and Erin Stutland. Their journeys are both inspiring and emotional as they get ready to reveal themselves to each other on their wedding day.

Watch Altar’d with your spouse to motivate each other to get into shape & stay in shape for yourself & your relationship! 

In an episode airing on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, a young couple Natifah and Reggie work hard to battle their previous bad habits. Their unhealthy eating habits have begun to cause tension within their relationship. With a history of high-blood pressure and diabetes in both of their families, they both feel that this challenge will greatly improve their relationship and have a massive impact on their overall quality of life. Instead of going out with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, stay in and watch Altar’d, and begin to make the changes in your own relationship. This way, next Valentine’s Day you and your partner can look back on this show, your decision to make a change, and celebrate your success!

Here are some dating tips on why you and your partner should work together like the couples in Altar’d to get fit & stay in shape: 

1. Accountability: When you work out on your own it can be hard to keep yourself accountable. If you work out and make healthy meals with your significant other it keeps you both accountable.

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2. Support system: Your significant other is supposed to be your support system in all aspects of your life, so why not your health? Use each other to not only get in shape but also build the strength in your relationship by leaning on each other.

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3. Strengthing communication: Working out together and motivating each other can only be done through communication. So not only will you be getting in shape for yourself and your relationship, but you will also be strengthing the key to a good relationship, communication.

Tune into Altar’d on Tuesday’s at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Z Living Network to inspire you and your partner to live a new and healthy lifestyle together!