Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: ‘Tulip Fever’ Shows What a 17th Century Affair Looked LikeCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: ‘Tulip Fever’ Shows What a 17th Century Affair Looked Like

By Melissa Lee

This shocking film takes place in 17th century Amsterdam, when an orphaned girl is forced into an unhappy arranged marriage, resulting in her eventually embarking in an affair with the painter of a portrait that her husband purchases. The lovers decide to abandon everything they know and run away, entering the tulip bulb market in an effort to earn money to make their dreams come true.

Cupid has all the latest details on this scandal-filled movie, which shares some key relationship advice in this movie review:

Should you see it?:

Tulip Fever is another one of the summer’s drama-romance films. This movie is absolutely chock full of scandal and shocking scenes, so be sure not to miss it.

Who to take:

This film would be great to go see with your friends! The cliffhangers will leave you all in awe, wondering what could possibly happen next.

Cupid’s Advice:

In Tulip Fever, the wife of a powerful merchant decides to begin an affair and eventually run away with him. Though this movie is set in the 17th century, cheating should never be the way out of a relationship — if you’re questioning how to end things with your partner, Cupid is here to offer some advice:

1. Be as honest as possible: If you spent a decent amount of time with your significant other, then they most likely deserve an honest explanation as to why you feel the relationship should end. Be honest about your feelings and maybe even the flaws that occurred, perhaps suggesting things they could do differently.

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2. Try to leave things on good terms: Breakups can be rough, but leaving things civilly can be beneficial. There won’t be as much pain or sadness, and it can make the breakup process a little bit easier. At the end of the day, acknowledging your time together and knowing that it’s ending for a good reason may help both of you move forward.

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3. Don’t rush into a friendship: If you decide to stay friends after breaking up, it’s important not to just rush into this. Recognize that the two of you just spent a certain amount of time being romantically involved, and it won’t be beneficial for either one of you to immediately rush into being friends.

What are some of your tips? Share them below.