Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: Romantic Comedy Stays Alive in “The Big Sick”Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: Romantic Comedy Stays Alive in “The Big Sick”

By Melissa Lee 

Summer 2017’s biggest romantic comedy is The Big Sick, a film showcasing the struggles of interracial couples and cultural differences. Based on a true story, The Big Sick tells the tale of Pakistan-born aspiring comedian Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani) and grad student Emily (Emily V. Gordon). The couple is put to the test when Emily falls ill and is put in the hospital. Kumail experiences pressure and disapproval from his traditional Muslim family, along with attempting to get along with Emily’s parents.

Cupid has details on this movie, which can lend us some valuable relationship advice!

Should you see it?:

Although romantic comedies tend to be predictable, this film is anything but predictable. Not only does the movie have a unique story line, but the feature is relatable to those who understand the position Kumail is in.

Who to take:

This movie would be great for a date night! It’ll pull at your heart strings but make you laugh too.

Cupid’s Advice:

In The Big Sick, Kumail is put in a tough situation where he feels as though he needs to please his parents, his girlfriend, and her parents. These pressures aren’t exactly out of the norm, so it’s important not to let those struggles consume your relationship. Cupid is here to offer some relationship advice:

1. Establish a relationship with their parents: Anxiety levels can definitely be brought down by trying to build a healthy relationship with your partner’s parents. It’s important to gain their respect so there’s a mutual approval in case a tough situation like Kumail’s eventually arises.

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2. Be aware of cultural differences: If your circumstances are anything like Kumail’s and Emily’s, there may be some cultural aspects that differ between your families. Above anything, it’s pretty critical to be understanding and respectful of opposing cultural views, especially if your partner was raised a certain way.

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3. Make the effort: Just like any good relationship, putting in effort is a huge element that can make things a bit easier for you and your partner. Recognizing that your significant other is trying their best is important for you to vocalize, in addition to making the attempt yourself.

What are some of your tips? Share your thoughts below.