Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Movie ‘Playing It Cool’ Features a Loveless Chris EvansCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Movie ‘Playing It Cool’ Features a Loveless Chris Evans

By Courtney Omernick

In the new relationship movie Playing It Cool,  a screenwriter (Chris Evans) is having a hard time writing a romantic comedy because he doesn’t believe in relationships and love. One evening, at a charity banquet, he meets “her” (Michelle Monaghan), and the rest is history.

Check out Cupid’s relationship movie review of Playing it Cool, which hits theaters May 8th!

Should you see it:

This relationship movie can definitely be categorized as a chick flick. If that’s what you’re looking to see, then look no further than Playing It Cool. This movie is also packed with amazing actors such as Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan, and more!

Who to take:

This film would be great to see with your friends or significant other.

How can you bounce back after a breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

As explained in the movie, Chris Evans’ character has a hard time with relationships and love because his mother abandoned him as a young boy. If you’ve ever gone through a break-up, it can feel just like abandonment. Sometimes, a breakup can leave you wanting nothing more than to wallow in your bed with a tub of ice cream. Don’t worry! Cupid is here to give you advice for bouncing back:

1. Invest in yourself: Now that you will probably be spending more quality time alone, don’t view it as being lonely. Take this opportunity to rekindle an old passion or see the world!

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2. Seek support: If you’re having a hard time going through life alone, reach out to friends and family. Nothing beats a good weekend with those who really “get” you.

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3. Give back: Just when you think your life is awful, there is someone out there going through a much harder time. It’s important to focus on your growth as a person during this time period. One way you can do that is through volunteer work, mentoring, etc.

How have you bounced back after a break-up? Comment below!