Cupid's Pulse Article: Romantic Getaway: 8 Affordable Destinations to Escape the ColdCupid's Pulse Article: Romantic Getaway: 8 Affordable Destinations to Escape the Cold

By Cortney Moore

Spring break isn’t just for college kids looking for a good time; couples can use a vacation, too. This year, treat yourself and a loved one to a romantic getaway without breaking the bank. If you’ve been thinking of taking a vacation, now is the perfect time to start planning that great escape. Travel experts from have compiled a great list of budget-friendly spring break destinations that can work for you and your sweetheart! Whether you seek sun and blue waters or the culture of a bustling city, here are eight romantic getaways and date ideas to consider this year.

Make plans to go on an affordable and romantic getaway this spring break!

1. Tulum, Mexico: Tulum is a gorgeous location for couples that like to soak up the sun and sand. It’s almost like Cancun’s mature older sibling, so you don’t have to worry about rowdy college parties interrupting your bonding. There are also preserved Mayan ruins, so Tulum is a great spot for those who appreciate archaeological sites. The nearest airports to Tulum are in Cozumel and Cancun, ranging from 60 to 80 miles respectively; but luckily round trip tickets from either start at $294 in March. After landing, if you don’t want to splurge on a taxi, you can take an ADO bus. And of course, don’t forget to book a stay at one of Tulum’s high-end budget hotels like the Mango Tulum Hotel for $105 per night, or the Hotel Latino for $82 a night. As always, stick to local restaurants if you want tasty cheap eats.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Romantic Getaway: 8 Affordable Destinations to Escape the Cold
View of the beach in Tulum, Mexico.
Photo: Pixabay/Walkerssk.

2. Montréal, Canada: If beaches aren’t your thing, then perhaps a European-inspired vacation that is half the cost is more your thing. Canada is a great substitute, especially with the U.S. dollar converting to roughly $1.30 CAD. Montréal is a city rich in French heritage, culture and architecture. Enjoy free tours along cobblestone streets lined with European influence in “old Montréal,” or take a trip to one of city’s many art museums. You can get a direct flight to Montréal in March starting at $172 (round trip), and for about $10 you can take an express bus to your hotel. If you’re not sure which hotel to stay at, Montréal has awesome deals that won’t hurt your wallet, such as the Le Saint-Sulpice , which costs $107 per night, and America’s favorite budget hotel, The Best Western Ville-Marie for $87 a night. And don’t fret about food, Montréal is known for it’s delicious French cuisine! A notable spot is the Les Deux Singes de Montarvie, but budget-foodies might prefer places like Casse-Croute La Banquise that serve local dishes, such as poutine, which includes French fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

Inside the Notre Dame Basilica in Montréal, Canada.
Photo: Pixabay/Pexels.

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3. Washington, D.C.: Do you or your loved one enjoy discussing history, politics and government? Then a trip to the nation’s capital might be a fun spring break vacation. Late March and early April are perfect times to visit because the city’s Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated during this time, which is super romantic for couples! Almost all of the museums and monuments are free, so you’ll save a bunch of money while you explore the capital. Washington, D.C. is easily accessible, especially for those on the East Coast. You can get there by car, bus, train or plane. Don’t fret is you live on the West Coast however, round trip flights from LAX to D.C. are as low as $107. Since D.C. is a major city, hotels are on the pricey side, but look for places that include lodging and breakfast, such as the Windsor Park Hotel which goes for $153 a night, and the Comfort Inn for $111 per night. D.C. is also known for its unique restaurants like Bindaas, which is famous for its Indian-inspired menu, and &Pizza, where you can customize your own pizza and gulp down artisanal soda.

Scenic view of Cherry Blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Photo: Pixabay/skeeze

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Going back to warm and exotic climates, San Juan is a lovely beach destination. Located in the heart of the Caribbean, San Juan is a city full of history and culture. Explore historical sites and souvenir shops in between your visits to the beach. Not to mention all the amazing pictures you’ll take at this picturesque island! Round trip flights start at $225 if departing from JFK. Since San Juan is a small city, a taxi ride can range from $10 to $20 depending on which hotel you’re staying at. And if you’re looking for good deal on a hotel, you’re guaranteed a lovely stay at the Hyatt House and Wave Hotel Condado, both of which have rooms available for $119 per night with breakfast included. If you’re worried about your other meals for the day, delectable Puerto Rican dishes can be found throughout the island. Give pernil a try, it’s a slow-roasted marinated pork shoulder that is typically served with rice and beans.

Travelers visit Old San Juan in Puerto Rico.
Photo: Pixabay/grapesky

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5. Killington, Vermont: For those who don’t want to escape the cold this spring, Killington is a great ski destination for fit couples who love snow. After spending a day out on the slopes, you and your sweetheart can hit up local bars on the main road to heat things up. Killington is easy to get to, only a few hours away from major East Coast cities like New York and Boston, so if you’re from those areas it’s only a short drive. Those who live a bit further can take a long-distance bus service, which can range from $45 to a little over $100 depending on where you depart. Flights are a bit more, roughly $207 for a round trip ticket from NYC in March. However, the price of lodging make up for the costs of travel. Budget-conscious couples can get a no-frills stay at the Hillside Inn for $87 a night, or splurge on a couples package at the Killington Mountain Lodge for about $165 per night. Vacation rentals are also available if you’re planning on a longer stay, which is more economical if you’re cooking your own meals. If cooking isn’t your thing, enjoy fireside meals at The Foundry at Summit Pond or the Pickle Barrel.

Mountain top view of Killington, Vermont.
Photo: Pixabay/tpsdave

6. Sonoma County, California: Spring is the best time to visit Sonoma County’s wineries. Aside from tasting the region’s award winning selections, you and your partner can take advantage of the beautiful weather by participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and horseback riding. Sonoma is roughly 50 miles from San Francisco and Oakland, so it’s accessible by car if you aren’t far from there.  For those who live farther, it’s also much cheaper to take a flight to San Francisco or Oakland  than taking a direct flight to Sonoma. However, round trip flights from JFK around the time of March and April are in the $300 range, so be wary East Coast budget travelers. Also, hotels in Sonoma are on the higher-end side, so it might be better to save money with value lodging at the Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn for $138 a night and the Sonoma Creek Inn for $126 per night. If you’re a big wine fan, there are countless wine tours you can take. Platyus Wine Tours provides guests four visits to family owned wineries for $110 per person, and includes a picnic lunch, while Valley Wine Tours provides four to five winery visits for $135, and includes a  gourmet lunch. If wine tours aren’t your thing, you can have fun exploring the Sonoma Plaza, which has plenty of boutiques, galleries and restaurants.

Shot of a table with wine glasses in Sonoma County, California.
Photo: Pixabay/bedrck

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7. Seattle, Washington: Seattle is a dazzling eyeful for city-loving travelers that still like being in touch with nature. Combined with modern architectural wonders and beautiful views of the Puget Sound, Seattle offers many fun activities. Make sure you get plenty of pictures of yourself at the world-famous Space Needle and Frye Art Museum. From the East Coast, flights start at $328, but if you’re from the West Coast, a round trip ticket can be as low as $104. Amtrak is also an option if you don’t live far. Fortunately, compared to other major cities, Seattle has moderate priced hotels. Located in the heart of the city, the Best Western PLUS Pioneer Square Hotel and Mediterranean Inn are both around $149 per night. Seafood lovers will thoroughly enjoy the food in Seattle. You can catch your own fish for free from a fishmonger at the Pike Place Market, or grab a bite at the Tilikum Place Café.

View of the Seattle, Washington skyline with the Space Needle.
Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

8. New York City, New York: If you’re a city lover, then a vacation in the king of all cities is just for you. New York City blooms once spring begins, and offers a variety of activities when the cold dissipates. From countless museums, to Broadway shows and historical landmarks, there is something for everyone. A pro-tip, save money by purchase a  City Pass for $116 for admission to the  Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the  9/11 Memorial & Museum; or just stick to free and donation-based attractions. Parking can be a nightmare, so If you don’t live far, you can take a bus or Amtrak train to Penn Station and transfer to a subway line.  However, for those who live farther, like the West Coast, a round trip flight from LAX to New York is about $320. If you’re a budget traveler, save money by staying at hotel with a communal bathroom like the Jane Hotel for $59 a night, or get your own space at the chic Row NYC for $146 per night. As for food, you have over 24,000 restaurants to choose from- so you’re sure to find places that fit your budget easy for date night.

New York City skyline at sunset.
Photo: Pixabay/patrizio1948

Don’t wait to start planning your spring break getaway! The longer you put off making reservations, the higher travel fares and hotel prices will be. If additional savings are needed, just take a look on for coupons and promo codes. Just remember, you don’t need a lot of money to have a romantic getaway. When it comes to budget-friendly travel destinations, the early bird gets the worm!