Cupid's Pulse Article: Embark on a Romantic Getaway in the Luxurious Wilderness of Finch HattonsCupid's Pulse Article: Embark on a Romantic Getaway in the Luxurious Wilderness of Finch Hattons

By Josh Ringler

Any vacation with a loved one or with family, can be really fun. Of course, celebrity couples go on seemingly countless celebrity vacations, and they always look like they are having fun! But maybe, instead of the Caribbean, Mexico, or Europe, this time you should consider booking a stay at the beautiful and luxuries Finch Hattons. While other romantic getaway destinations are great, Finch Hattons offers something few other places can: an authentic, but high-style camping experience in Kenya’s Tsavo National Park.

Go on a romantic getaway or family vacation of a lifetime at Finch Hattons in Kenya!

Finch Hattons is truly a unique place to go in this world, whether it be for a family vacation or for a romantic getaway. A great piece of dating advice is to go on vacations with your loved one. They are a solid way to enhance your relationship, and a change of scenery, especially away from work, can really make the love shine bright!

This resort is set up in tents that sleep two or four, and also offers a suite that can sleep two. Don’t let the word “tent” fool you. The sleeping spaces are so elegantly designed that you will feel like you’re in a 5-star-hotel room. But, you definitely won’t want to stay inside your tent long!

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Outside, the wonders of Tsavo National Park await. Native animals like elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, and so much more are exploring the beautiful land around you. Along with breathtaking African landscape, full of special birds, flowers, and trees, you and your loved one can go on hikes for days. If you really want to have a special hike, you can go to the Shetani Lava Flow, or even climb to the top of a dormant volcano!

You can really feel like your vacation has celebrity style as Finch Hattons has its own landing strip for your flight connection to this magnificent resort. If nature isn’t your thing, Finch Hattons still has plenty to offer when it comes to the resort aspect of their property. There is a library for reading, a star gazing terrace to snuggle with your partner, an infinity pool, and even a spa. With the resort being all-inclusive for food and drinks, you may want to check into the fitness center to work off some calories, but Cupid suggests going for a hike instead!

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If you and your partner are looking for something that is unparalleled in luxury travel or are looking for a new favorite romantic getaway destination, Finch Hattons is the place to go. You will fall in love with the African wilderness, while you fall deeper in love with your partner!

Have you been to a tented resort like Finch Hattons, or Finch Hattons itself? Let us know about the experience below!