Cupid's Pulse Article: Get Your Love Sky High With An ‘IntimacyMoons’ Romantic GetawayCupid's Pulse Article: Get Your Love Sky High With An ‘IntimacyMoons’ Romantic Getaway

By Josh Ringler

Whether you are a couple looking to reignite your love or a single person looking to find the love of your life, IntimacyMoons can be your dream romantic getaway. Before you book your flight to Barbados in the fall, let us give you an overview of this amazing opportunity for your love life to grow.

An IntimacyMoons romantic getaway may be just the piece of relationship advice you need to rid your love life of all your relationship problems!

Founder Marissa Nelson has been featured on countless websites and is a prominent source for relationship advice and sexual wellness. Nelson is on location to help with all of your relationship problems and to offer the best relationship advice for both your relationship and your sex life. She will be there to help you with everything you might need!

The Crane Resort in Barbados will play host to your romantic getaway, and you should consider yourself lucky to be surrounded in such beauty. The luxurious resort will make you and your love feel like one of the richest celebrity couples out there. The package will include all the relationship and sexual counseling you need, while also offering a beautiful backdrop full of fun activities. Some of those include snorkeling, cocktail parties, and fun private pools!

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As a couple, you and your partner will learn about letting go of the past, how each of you’feel love, how to deal with relationship problems via communication, and sexual intimacy. If your relationship is serious, there is also a talk about marriage and expectations. While some may not need a luxurious vacation to have these discussions, opening yourself up to these discussions with the help of experts could be really eye-opening to your potential problems, barriers, or imperfections. These are things you would probably like to get sorted out before marriage or large advances in your relationship, and IntimacyMoons offers a great chance for that to happen.

Don’t be afraid to back away from this trip just because you are single. IntimacyMoons is all-inclusive and is not just for couple. This is a retreat to find love, or to find a deeper meaning in what you already have with your partner! The packages offer different love lessons depending on your relationship status.

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The all-inclusive packages offer many perks for you, including food, the room, a massage, a luxury post-retreat package, seaside yoga, and so much more. These “enhancement” workshops as they are referred to on IntimacyMoon’s website will definitely help your love life, offer great experiences, and allow you and your love to have some time away together, in an effort to build a stronger relationship!

IntimacyMoons for Couples heads off to the Barbados from August 25th to the 29th, with everything-included rooms ranging from $5,339 to $5,499. IntimacyMoons for Singles goes soon after, September 1st to the 5th, with their all-inclusive packages ranging from $3,470 to $3,810. Both of the higher end rooms offer a better room, with the couples package including a private pool, while the singles package has an ocean view!

Have you experienced an IntimacyMoons romantic getaway or a similar one? Let us know how it went in the comments below!