Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 10 Strategies to Make Your Good Relationship GREATCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 10 Strategies to Make Your Good Relationship GREAT

By Josh Ringler

Being in a healthy relationship is a really good thing. Having a GREAT relationship is an even greater thing! Below are 10 pieces of relationship advice that will help you and your loved one go from good to great, and hopefully even better than that. These tips are easy, fun, and will surely enhance the strength of your relationship. Sometimes a relationship will hit that make-it-or-break-it point, and if yours is one that you think will make it, check out the tips below to really make your love life grow.

Check out these pieces of relationship advice to sky rocket the greatness of your relationship:

1. Don’t get stale: Becoming the greatest can take some time whether you’re focused on yourself or your relationship as a whole. But if you want to turn your relationship from good to great, a crucial key to that will be keeping things fresh and preventing “old” or “tired” feelings. Date nights with creative date ideas should only help improve your love life and keep things growing.

2. Surprises: Along the same lines, an important piece of relationship advice is to keep the surprises coming. One a week is probably too many, but even little things to change up your routine will help. If you and your partner are trying to keep things exciting, surprises are a great way to accomplish that.

3. Inside jokes: Laughter is a great way to sooth the soul and to make your relationship shine. Whether it is a funny word or a funny facial expression that only you and your loved one understand, it will keep your relationship lighthearted and easy, instead of serious and difficult.

4. Work out any problems that arise: Problems in a relationship are unfortunately likely to happen now and then. If you have your heart set on working it all out, keep it that way. A great relationship doesn’t allow the little waves to sink it. It’s important to work out whatever issues arise, and to fight for those you love!

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5. ‘Make communication great again’: The level of communication you and your partner have is a great way to determine the level of success of your love life. If your communication is getting stronger, your relationship will, too. If there are talking problems, you may be experiencing some relationship problems, too. So, take this essential piece of relationship advice to heart and work on communicating better.

6. Keep working on it: If you want to make your relationship great, you have to work on it. Just sitting around letting things happen may not work to really get your relationship to where you want to be! Put some effort, time, and care into your relationship and it will definitely become great.

7. Vacations: Day-cations or vacations are an effective way to change up the scenery while adding awesome memories to your relationship’s collection. Consider going to an amusement park, water park, or even a fun day in Central Park. Find a mountain to go hiking in to get out in the fresh air! Vacations are awesome ways to spend a lot of time together while also indulging in new experiences together.

8. Spice it up: If some of the sparks in your relationship are going out, or if there are aspects that have gotten too pre-determined, changing things up behind closed doors, or in the way those moments are done can really help to improve the relationship. If the sparks are many, the relationship will be beyond great.

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9. Family time: Spending time with the loved ones of your beloved is really a great way to show that you sincerely love and care about their family. Whether it is playing with their younger cousins/siblings, or having an extended family dinner with their parents, family time is a nice way to enhance how the two of you feel about each other.

10. Gifts from the heart: Feelings are sometimes best shown and not talked about. A hand-drawn card, a bouquet of flowers, or maybe their favorite candy that is hard to find is a way to show that you care. Gifts that come from your heart show her/him that you are really thinking about them and that you want to make them smile! Smiles go a long way in turning your relationship into a great one.

What are some other ways to take your relationship from good to great? Share your thoughts below.