Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 10 Simple Ways to Be More RomanticCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 10 Simple Ways to Be More Romantic

By Josh Ringler

Love should be a constant, and in order to keep it that way, you have to work at it. Whether you have been dating for a few weeks, months, or years, it is crucial to continue the romance. The pieces of relationship advice below will give you some helpful ways to improve your romantic side and to make your relationship even better than it already is!

These relationship advice tips will give an upgrade to your romance level!

1. Compliments: A great way to show you really are in love with your partner is by complimenting them. Celebrity couples do it all the time on social media, and in public, so why can’t you? Whether it is their new clothes, new hair style, or just the way they look that day, let them know. It is always appreciated and will only help the love between you two grow.

2.  Help each other: While compliments may help with confidence problems, helping each other out with other things, like work problems and family issues, can really help, too. An important piece of relationship advice is to continue to show you care and want what is best for your partner. By helping them out, you’re helping your love life out, too!

3. Food: Special date nights or date ideas are some of the best ways to get more romantic. Who doesn’t love a night out? Food makes most people happy, and a fancy meal out, or a new local place, shows that you are trying to keep the love alive and are working on getting more romantic!

4. Make things together: Whether it is a meal, a new card game, or a birthday card for a relative, getting creative with your partner is a fun way to keep your romance growing. An important piece of love advice is to make even normal things fun and exciting. Making little things together can be a super way to grow your love!

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5. Spontaneous adventures: Another great date idea that can help your romance grow is a random adventure. Always keep things interesting with things like a hiking trip, a beach walk, or random day in the city.

6. Cheesiness isn’t always bad: Flowers after a rough day, a cute Facebook post, or a mushy-like Instagram post can never make things worse. Cheesy ideas can sometimes backfire, but more often than not, they can show your romantic side and make your love life grow. You shouldn’t overdo the cheesier ideas, but every now and then it’s a must!

7. Try something new: Whether it is new food like the new Japanese restaurant down the street, or maybe just a new date night involving some mini golf, something new is a good way to mix things up. This is a really simple way to keep things growing. An essential piece of relationship advice is to continue to try new things that the two of you may like so that your relationship grows even more. Never been skydiving? Now’s the time!

8. Break “the usual”: Going along with trying new things, breaking your routine and keeping the love fresh, is a simple-yet-important way to be more romantic. Celebrity couples continue to break their routines and do fun, new things, and you can do it, too!

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9. Surprises: Little things definitely matter, especially when you are trying to be more romantic. A surprise date night or just a nice little gift can really go a long way in showing your affection for your partner. Surprises are something you shouldn’t do too much, but when you do it, make sure it is a gift from the heart!

10. Public Affection: PDA, like holding hands, hugs, and kisses, can be a great way to step up your romantic life. You can hold your partner’s hand while you’re on a walk, or put your arm around him or her while you are at a sports game. It will show you care, and make them feel loved. That’s the goal to being more romantic!

What are some other ways to amp up the romance in your relationship? Comment with your ideas below!