Cupid's Pulse Article: Angela ZatopekCupid's Pulse Article: Angela Zatopek

Angela Zatopek is a journalist that has worked as a sideline reporter for networks such as Fox and CBS College Sports. Zatopek gained national attention when she won the 2012 Miss Texas USA crown, and went on to appear on NBC’s reality dating show, Ready for Love, the following year. The media guru was Ben Patton’s final pick in the season finale of Ready for Love, and she even accepted his wedding proposal in front of her family and TV crew, becoming the hottest celebrity couple at the time. Her win was a surprise to reality TV viewers since she stuck to her Christian values and was the only woman out of 36 that voiced her wishes to remain abstinent until marriage. Although Zatopek was the winner of the show, this celebrity couple ended their celebrity engagement shortly after the season finale aired nearly a year later.

Aside from reality TV, the 27-year old reporter has appeared on PrimeTime Boxing, The 700 Club and is rumored to have the role of a character named Melanie in the film Untitled 3D Horror, which is set to air in 2017. Zatopek also owns a faith-based jewelry line named Eleváre Collection, and can be seen on CBN News. Zatopek is happily single and will remain abstinent until she finds the man she is meant to marry.

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