Cupid's Pulse Article: Ready for Love, Episode 4: Angela Zatopek Recaps Her First Kiss with Ben PattonCupid's Pulse Article: Ready for Love, Episode 4: Angela Zatopek Recaps Her First Kiss with Ben Patton

By Angela Zatopek

Last week on Ready For Love was the first time I actually felt present in this whole experience. Obviously, none of us on this crazy journey had ever been in a situation like this one, but it took me a few weeks to really get into this process, to completely open up my heart and be ready to fall in love. After being in the bottom three with Ben saving me, I realized this method isn’t “traditional” – but is there a handbook on how love goes?

I absolutely loved that our first date was at a vineyard. You couldn’t find a more romantic place for a first kiss! A part of our conversation that wasn’t shown was how special it was to be there with Ben on my grandmother’s 101st birthday – she grew up on our family vineyards in Netuno, Italy.

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Each week, the relationship experts gave us tips to use on our date with Ben. I must say, most of these tips were completely out of our comfort zones, but we knew we had to do them to show we were accepting of their strategy as our matchmaker. My tip for the week was to do a bold move.

I thought so hard about how I could do a bold move at the vineyard and came up with only one conclusion. Even though Ben was already labeled a “lip slut,” Kari Krakowski and I were the only girls in the house that had yet to kiss him. I figured I had to go in for the kill. I’ve never done anything like that in my life! As I watch it back on television, I realize it wasn’t the smoothest move..but hey! I was a rookie. Although I was one of the last girls to get one-on-one time with Ben, it was worth the wait. The vineyard date was perfect.

Feelings definitely heightened this week for all of us, and you will see the result of that on tomorrow night’s episode in Vegas. Let’s just say…what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. It’s about to get ugly.

Watch tomorrow’s episode of ‘Ready for Love’ on, and check back later this week’s for Angela’s recap!