Cupid's Pulse Article: Angela Zatopek Talks ‘Ready For Love,’ Saving Herself for Marriage and OneLoveCupid's Pulse Article: Angela Zatopek Talks ‘Ready For Love,’ Saving Herself for Marriage and OneLove

By Rachael Moore and Lori Bizzoco

Angela Zatopek, the youngest contestant vying for the heart of Ben Patton on NBC’s cancelled dating competition show Ready for Love, has always been open about her love life, even before she joined the reality television world. What really sets her apart from other young women are her Christian values, particularly the fact that she has decided to “save herself” for marriage.

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The Texas native feels strongly about breaking the stereotypes that come along with being abstinent. “People think that when you’re a virgin, it’s a very conservative belief. But I’m not this Amish girl walking around with a bonnet on my head or a person who sits at home and knits sweaters,” she explains. “You can still be sexy and fun and have a romantic, passionate relationship even if you’re waiting to have sex until marriage. It makes it that much better when you find the right person and don’t rush the physical stuff.”

Being abstinent was an important choice Zatopek made from a very young age, and surprisingly, she says many guys from her past have been accepting of her decision. “Before the show, I didn’t have a problem finding a date. Being a virgin would never be the first thing I said to a guy, but I did let them know within the first couple of dates who I am and what I’m about.”

When it comes to sharing her views regarding the show’s cancellation, the blonde beauty says that she was very confused when it went off the air. “It was such an exciting thing in my mind, and then hearing that it was cancelled was very hard. But you have to look on the bright side. It’s on, Hulu and On Demand, and there’s a lot of fans who still watch the show and send me supportive messages.”

Zatopek also reveals some secrets about Patton and his ex-girlfriend, Kari Krakowski, who makes a surprise appearance on the series. Of course, she had her doubts at first. “We look completely different. She is a brunette with dark eyes, while I’m blonde with blue eyes. So I wondered if I was his type.” Still, she says she really likes Krakowski. “It was hard, though, because we were roommates. She would confide in me every night and pour her heart out. I was learning all of this girl’s secrets, but then we were competing against each other.”

Though she claims that she tried to stay away from the drama, she did get frustrated when Krakowski had her one-on-one time with Patton on last week’s episode. “He came back from his date with glitter on his face, and I saw that her lip gloss had glitter in it, so I knew they had kissed. I thought, I’m not going to be here and put my heart on the line if they’re going to work it out. He shouldn’t make all of us go through this show if they’re going to get back together. It’s a very mentally taxing process.”

Throughout their conversations, Zatopek learned that they had a few things in common. She is from Houston, and Krakowski is from Dallas; the Texas social scene can be a small world. “We have a ton of mutual friends. I learned that Ben and I even have mutual friends outside the show, which is so crazy. I felt like it boosted my confidence because it gave me a connection to Ben since we have similar interests from the people we hang out with.”

Even so, the 24-year-old questioned her relationship potential with Patton because of their age difference. She reveals something that was edited out of the first episode: “Before Ben chose me, he asked, ‘What makes you ready to be in a relationship? It worries me because we are at different points of our lives.’ And I told him that I feel like maturity is not defined by your age but by your life experiences. I’m the oldest of four kids, and my mom was a single mom. I know I’m young on paper, but I grew up quick.”

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Before her Ready for Love journey, Zatopek was in two serious relationships. Her first boyfriend was a long-distance relationship that lasted for a year, and her second relationship was with her college sweetheart, who she dated for three years. The pageant girl says that both guys respected her morals, but she is ready to meet the person she’ll be with for the rest of her life. “I want to get to know a guy first and then make those steps towards the altar. I also want to have a huge family.”

While she can’t reveal how far she got on the show, she’s staying busy until the finale airs. She’s currently teaming up with Lisa and Brittny Gastineau to form a jewelry line called OneLove. “I want to make cute, trendy purity rings to represent loving yourself first and not needing someone else to complete you. When you’re doing your own thing, and respecting yourself first. That’s when you’re most attractive.”

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