Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Amy Schumer Slams ‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison for Calling Jubilee ‘Complicated’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Amy Schumer Slams ‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison for Calling Jubilee ‘Complicated’

By Myesha Cobb

Things got heated on Twitter recently between comedienne Amy Schumer and host of The Bachelor Chris Harrison, according to This celebrity news caught some off guard, as Amy Schumer went after the host for calling Jubilee Sharpe “complicated.” The comedienne took to Twitter, saying, “There is nothing wrong with ‘complicated’ women Chris Harrison. You treated it like something she should fight. A women shouldn’t try to.” Afterward, Harrison fired back via Twitter and said, “Stop yelling at me, I’m 82% sure I said and supported all these points as well.” The two said that they would be down to talk about it over some wine as Schumer replied, “I’m drinking all the wine!”

This celebrity news stirs the drama pot a bit, but it does make sense! What are some ways to know your partner knows the “real” you?

Cupid’s Advice:

Obviously, Jubilee Sharpe just wanted to let Ben Higgins get to know “the real her,” despite her “complicated” life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing your partner to get to know you so that you can have honesty and trust in your relationship. Here are some some pieces of relationship advice for ways to know that your partner knows the “real” you:

1. Take your partner to your hometown: Taking your partner to visit where you grew up is one way you will be able to see if they know the “real” you. Once you’re there, ask your partner some questions that only he/she would know about your hometown life. That way, you’ll get to see if your partner knows you on a deeper level.

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2. Meet the family: If your partner knows you the way they think they do, meeting your family and knowing all of them by name and relation is another way that your partner will come to know “real you.” If you’ve told your partner everything about your family and they remember it, then you know that you’ve picked a good one. After all, family is an extension of you!

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3. Take a quiz: Yes, it’s so high school, but make up a quiz about yourself and have your partner take it. That way, you’ll be able to see if you’ve let your partner fully know the “real” you or not based on their answers.

What are some other ways to know your partner knows the “real” you? Share your thoughts below.