Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Hometown Throw Down on ‘The Bachelor’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Hometown Throw Down on ‘The Bachelor’

By Emily Hoff

We are down to the final six on week seven of the reality TV show The Bachelor. Last night’s episode definitely made Ben Higgins think about who he could see himself marrying, as he took the girls to his hometown, Warsaw, Indiana. In celebrity news, two girls were sent home this week and Ben also got some relationship advice from his parents this week, which made Ben think some things over.

Celebrity News: ‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Takes Girls To Hometown

In the beginning of the episode Ben takes Lauren B. on a one-on-one date. Showing Lauren B. all of his favorite spots in town, and a Youth Center where Ben worked before making big celebrity news week to week and becoming The Bachelor. The people of Ben’s town really like Lauren B. and the little kids at the Youth Center said Ben should marry her. Lauren is nervous of how Ben sees her because of last week’s Bahama Drama, however Ben eases those fears as these two have an amazing date, and he says he’s not questioning her anymore. Lauren says she is not in love with ‘Bachelor’ Ben, but ‘Warsaw, Indiana’ Ben.

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The next lovely lady Ben takes on the one-on-one date is JoJo. Ben takes JoJo to a Cub’s game and she enjoys it, but says she’s nervous around Ben because she really likes him. Ben’s response to her nerves is that she needs to be more confident in love. By the end of this date, JoJo says she is team Ben. After this one-on-one, Ben takes Becca, Amanda, and Caila on a group date. By the end of the group date he ends up giving the rose to Amanda. Ben and Amanda then proceed to go on a one-on-one. On this date with Amanda, Ben takes her to McDonalds and a carnival. Amanda says she is close to falling in love with Ben. For Emily’s one-on-one, Ben brings her home to his parents. Ben’s mom said she talked a lot about herself, which makes sense because Emily is a nervous talker and doesn’t seem serious when talking to Ben’s parents. Emily is sent home from this one-on-one, and Ben also sends Becca home. So, who should stay or go next week?

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Lauren B: I think she is the front runner of this competition to see the least. Their date went so well and Ben and her have such good chemistry.

Stay or Go: I could see this girl staying in Ben’s life forever, so a definite stay.

JoJo: I think another big contender for the final rose. Their date went well and I feel like she feels more relaxed and will open up more after her date with Ben

Stay or Go: Another definite stay!

Amanda: Amanda has great chemistry with Ben and he seems really into her. However, we will have to see how Ben reacts to meeting her kids next week to see if she is a contender for the rose.

Stay or Go: Could go either way.

Caila: Caila really didn’t have a connection with Ben this week and was kind of ditched by him on the group date.

Stay or Go: I would say if she doesn’t step up her game, she is a go.

Next week on The Bachelor, Ben will meet the families!

The Bachelor airs on ABC on Mondays at 8/7c. Check back next week for our recap!